Wednesday, November 25, 2009

week 39. day 7

almost there. and I am so ready. I am trying not to be too eager as I'd rather not be overly irritated if the little one thinks staying in extra long is a good idea. yesterday's doctor's appointment was pretty positive though. I, funnily enough, lost weight, which supposedly is a good sign. anyhoo, as of right now, other than nightly contractions, there's no saying when anything will happen.
I've started pulling out some Christmas decor stuff as I want to get it out before I get too busy. I also realized that I hadn't really done any Christmas shopping. Not that I do all that much, but still, I figured I should start doing it now. It's a little weird buying a present for the baby. I mean I know they won't appreciate it, and I'll be the one (or I could make David do it) opening the gift. But at the same time, I feel it'd be weird to not purchase my child even a tiny gift. Oh well, I think we're just going to give him/her a silver baby cup or spoon. I've been searching Ebay all morning for some random stuff (I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Ebay).

Will keep you posted on baby updates as they happen.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

week 38. day 6.

9 more days, until the due date at least...
It's getting so close! We're mostly ready for little one to arrive as far as furniture set up; car seat ready to go; clothing washed, folded, and put away; other random things done and so forth. I definitely have hit the "nesting" stage, which supposedly is a sign of labor approaching.
David finished up his final for his Masters class yesterday, so now he's as free as he's going to get as far as schedule. My mama and sister also finished up a play they were in this past weekend, so they are a bit more free as well.
As far as physical jumps... the baby dropped last week, so he/she is nice and low in my body, and is head down, facing my back, which is the correct position. It makes it nice as I can breathe a wee bit easier now- this could be connected to my spurts of energy. Internals started a few weeks back (those of you who haven't ever had babies... these are not something to look forward to:: think weekly doctor appointment that is random fingers feeling around... yeah, not comfy at all). Anyhoo, I am completely effaced, which is a bit hard to explain if you don't know what it is. Basically means progress.
My belly is nice and big though it changed shape a bit when the baby dropped. I fit barely any maternity clothes- well, pants, as they just slip off my belly. My feet and ankles are swollen to yack. I pretty much fit only one pair of shoes at this point, and only then with thin socks. But as the end is in sight, I figure I can pull it off a bit longer.

Almost there though, and it is getting excited.
For some answers to commonly asked questions:
Yes, I am ready to be done.
No, we haven't picked any names. We honestly haven't even discussed it much at all since September.
Went with the Mini Co-Sleeper as far as a bed for right now.

Hopefully the posts will be getting MUCH more exciting very, very soon. =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I would hope...

most people knew this already, but I guess there does have to be a reason they offer classes on how to care for a newborn.

__ Always support her head with your arm or hand.

__ Make sure to keep one arm or hand under her back.

__ Use smooth, gentle, and gliding motions when picking her up or putting her down. Avoid any sudden, rough, or jerky movements.

__ Never shake your baby. Doing so can result in "shaken baby syndrome," which can cause blindness, brain damage, or death.

__ Don't cook or handle hot liquids while holding baby, even if she's in a baby carrier or sling.

__ Try different holds to comfort your baby.

Friday, November 6, 2009

3 Top Rude Comments Thus Far

#1. "Are those even going to fit you?" - some 50 year old lady at a dept. store when I was purchasing a pair of non-maternity underwear 2 months ago... I said, "Yes, I think they will"... her response, "Are you sure? Did you try them on?"

#2. "Wow, you're the 4th person today I've seen who was knocked up." - a lady at a drive thru

#3. "WHOAAA... you're Huge!!!" -my priest, who is Australian (perhaps a cultural thing?) and does not have much tact with his words sometimes

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

week 35. day 6.

As of tomorrow only 4 weeks to go (at least until the duedate). I really should update more often... this post will be in blips as that's about how my mind is working these days:

  • feeling constant movement from our little person... no more flipping at this point, so I am hoping we are all set in the head down position
  • lots of heartburn, swelling feet & hands, and achey muscles I didn't know I had
  • a dresser on its way to being done for the many fold up bins full of teeny tiny clothes
  • still need to finalize our co-sleeper decision and go buy that
  • 2 more showers happened in october: one hosted by my friend, rachel u. at our apartment with many friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in forever), which was awesome, and then a 2nd hosted by the women at church. very blessed by both.
  • my little sister anna's (age 4) opinion as to baby's sex... david: "anna, what is the baby going to be?" anna: "um, I don't know" (said with extreme attitude) david: "what would you like it to be?" anna, matter o' factly: "oh, a girl."
  • craving chocolate like never before in my life... thus far in the form of frozen mini snickers, chocolate pudding, chocolate filled croissants, and hot chocolate...

so, I do have some photos that at some point I will upload and get on here, hopefully before the next 28 days have come and gone (by that time we might have a teeny person on our hands!).

perhaps more blogging will happen as well to keep you all updated for this last let of this part of the adventure. I am presently trying to get the house to the order I want it in since I know that won't be happening post-baby. =)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

pregnant us.

week 31. day 7.

Tonight was our last birthing class, so at this point all we have to do is practice and wait...  

One of my last pregnant friends (2 more left) had her little girl earlier this evening.  She helped to debunk the myth that ALL first babies arrive late since her's was born a bit early.  If our baby wants to work with our schedule at all, which I know babies are apt to not want to do, it'd be helpful if he/she came a few days early or on time.  

The sale last Friday turned out to be quite the success.  The clothes are all in different stages of the washing/drying process, so photos will have to wait.  However, it was worth the 25 minute wait to get into the dome center, where it was held, as well as the mad dash (mostly on other mom's parts) to find what was needed, and lastly a ridiculously long check-out line, which I managed to get bumped to the front about 20ish minutes after standing there.  Apparently I didn't have tons of stuff, and I looked pregnant enough.  I did find many a sweater, which was specifically what I was on the lookout for as well as some more maternity clothes to get me through the next 8ish weeks.  

Mmmk, sleep now (I need to convince the little one of this, but I am ready).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

week 31. day 1.

9 weeks to go.  Yes, a countdown is in order.  
Baby now measuring:
16 inches
3.3 pounds

Advances for the week:
head can turn side to side
more activity (oh boy!)

Tomorrow is another HUGE consignment event.  Here's a picture they had posted up on facebook:

It begins at 9am, so I figure I should be there about 8:30 as long lines are promised.  I'm excited though- it's like a Huge yard sale all geared towards babies, children, and pregnant moms.  Apparently this is a twice a year event, so if it's worth it I'll have something to look forward to in the spring.  = )

Monday, September 21, 2009

Room Decor.

So as many of you know or have heard, I am not really planning on doing too much of a nursery themed room for the bedroom in which the baby (well, mostly his/her stuff) shall abide.  However, the room is somewhat boring at the moment, so I am looking for ways to spruce it up.  I would love some help on this.  

Pieces of furniture at the moment are:
a futon::not associated with baby at all, more for random guests, and so I have somewhere to sit in there and do laundry and whatnot.

a dresser armoire thingy:: to be painted a nice tomato-y red as soon as david finishes stripping the previous layers of paint and finish off.  also my sister has offered to paint the front two doors of it in the style of a sky she did in a mural.
see photo below:

colors shall probably be different and add in more earthy/mexican tones. The colors of most of my house: goldenrod, eggplant, olive green, turquoise, browns, etc...

we plan at some point to add a crib in a nice dark wood stain to the room.  honestly, I plan on keeping the baby in my room until he/she is at least 3 months old since it will be easier for the middle of the night feedings.  

what I am looking for now is some wall art or other ideas for ways to decorate in a creative and pretty cheap way.  we cannot paint the walls or trim, and I don't really sew.  I've been browsing for ideas and even things to purchase.  If you have any ideas or you find something fun online, please share!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

week 30. day 1.

Yay we're 3/4 of the way through!  So, only ten more weeks to go until the little one makes his or her arrival in the world.  According the weekly email, the baby is nearly 3 pounds (compare to a head of cabbage... apparently that whole myth of babies coming from cabbage patches resulted in preemies)

and about 15.7 inches long.  During my nap today, I definitely saw little feet stretching out my belly.  Reminded me of this popular picture:

And while google image searching for the previous photo I found:

Yes, that is a head of a stegosaurus... hung up like a dead deer head.  Weird.
And if you choose to see what else you can buy for a baby, there's a:

Yikes, the things people buy for their children...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

week 29. day 3.

Growing, and growing.  Wow- so the baby is now about 2 1/2 pounds.  And I can definitely feel the weight of him/her.  This morning he'd wedged himself in the upper righthand side, basically in my ribs.  Not so comfortable.  I am also feeling movement and kicks and arm whacks nearly all the time.  This made sleeping last night practically impossible.  The little one was going crazy in there.  
Other advances to be seen this week include about a 15 inch height, a growing head to make space for a superbly smart brain (believe me, I have to swallow these weird orange smooshy pills daily for the advancement of his mind), and a huge intake of calcium to help strengthen the bones.

I dragged David along... well he did come rather obligingly actually, considering what he ended up being in for... to a Twins Club of Rochester Sale.  It sounded pretty neat- 25+ moms of twins getting rid of stuff they no longer needed from clothes to cribs to feeding supplies.  I am a sucker for anything used/sale like, so of course this was added to my calendar.  It began at 7:15pm last night, and I think we pulled into the parking lot about 7:30... the completely full parking lot and the 75 person+ line outside the door opened our eyes to see this was not as small as I was originally thinking.  We then stood in line for 25 minutes or so just to get in the door, but it ended up being worth it as for $21.50 we ended up with two pairs of maternity pants and countless outfits mostly from higher end stores.  It made me happy because I hate spending tons of money on things that might end up being worn a total of 3 months.  
In two weeks there is another of these type of sales... but in the Dome Arena, so my guess is about 6-8 times as big... more on that later.

In other news, I have iron deficiency anemia and now have to take yet another pill daily.  I got a green note in the mail on Wednesday informing me of this...  it turns out my mama had it, too, with all her pregnancies.  It's not too serious and fairly common, but it does mean I probably will be fairly exhausted (more so than I am) for the next 2 months, but at least there is nothing preventing me from sleeping right now, and I shall take full advantage of that.  = )

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yet again, a reason why names should be well thought out...  david has already mandated, however, that the baby, if a boy, should have a manly name.  

tonight is birthing class number 2.  we're supposed to learn some techniques for managing pain naturally.  I am hoping this means I am in for many free massages.  my back has been killing me, along with my neck and shoulders, so I am thinking it's about time.  david actually is really good about giving me random massages throughout the week, but still it's nice to look forward to that tonight.  last week's intro class consisted of two hours in horribly uncomfortable chairs watching a power point.  

I am also having to watch my diet because the PA who saw me last appointment freaked out because I gained more than the allowable 2-4 pounds.  she didn't, however, tell me how much I DID gain.  she went on this tirade about how I need to eat mostly green veggies, some fruits, no sweets, salts or starches, and she didn't mention meat...  I honestly am not eating more than before I was pregnant, and I have been watching how much as well as exactly what goes in, so I am taking this with a grain of salt, and just being careful.

anyhoo, with all that talk of food, I am now off to make some dinner- we discovered last week due to horrible parking conditions at the hospital and the conference room being lost somewhere a mile inside of the hospital that we should get there at least fifteen minutes early from now on...

Monday, August 31, 2009

week 27. day 5.

An ad that we got in the mail for cord blood banking... probably not going to do CBB as it's super expensive, but still, I thought the photo was humorous.  

David & I took a mini vacation to Toronto for the weekend.  Several of the bathrooms I went in had these signs... why on earth there was a warning against pregnant women with alcohol in the bathrooms, I have no idea.  We had lots of fun, did lots of walking and wandering.  I am now pretty tuckered out and also have gotten my first cold for the fall season.  I think it's only a sinus infection, but with my immune system not up to par, it's a bit intense.  

And lastly, a funny photo of my bellybutton, or rather a photo of my funny bellybutton.  It's popping out all weird, and when I sneeze, it pops out more.  Oh the fun bodily functions one acquires when pregnant...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Shower #2.

Hosted by: Shauna

Theme was Elephant ABCs, with the main colors being yellow & grey.  Though fairly small in guests, it was lots of fun.  The game of laughs for this one had each guest guess my tummy size in squares of TP... apparently everyone thought I looked bigger than I am.  

2008 popular names.

the names of choice for last year have been released:

When I was little I disliked having the most popular name, mainly because it meant that there was always at least one other Sarah in whatever group I was hanging in.  A few names I like are in the top 10, so now I might end up reconsidering them, at least a little bit.  I'm not one for being one of several, I guess.  I'd rather a more unique name, and for me, that means it probably shouldn't be in the top 10.

For all interested in knowing where we are in the "naming process," the baby will not be named until he or she has officially entered the world (his/her birthdate).  We have been tossing around some pretty intense lists of names, and they are all still in the voting process of whether or not they shall be considered when we need them.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

tummy art.

I was debating having a more professional photo taken of my belly at some point the other day... professional equalling having a photo friend handy with portraits do something for me.  I saw this today... oh dear.  I can't imagine how much this might tickle, and then consequently, probably itch.  

I think I'll just stick with a photo of the bare belly.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

week 25. day 6.

I figured it was about time for some more of these...  I keep forgetting to actually take the pictures.  Ironic I guess for me being a photographer, but still remembering to take photos of your tummy really isn't all that easy to keep in mind.  

As you can obviously see from the photos, baby ortiz has grown ALOT.  According to weekly email updates, we have now reached the stage where baby weighs in at a rutabaga, but is a much different shape (thankfully!).  He/she is long and lean, about 13 1/2 inches, but weighs approximately a pound and a half.  This little one is definitely an active one, generally in the morning, after dinner, and then between one and three am.  

The heat is killing me, so last night david & I finally gave in and bought an AC, which already is my new best friend.  As my mama keeps reminding me, I have my own personal internal heater, and it's working far too well.  I'm not really a heat/humidity person at any time of the year, so this isn't helping AT ALL.

This past weekend was spent visiting siblings, parents, and one set of grandparents.  It was crazy and fun, as always, but this time we got to bring entertainment in the form of an ultrasound video and the heartbeat monitor.  My brother, Gabriel (6), was thrilled that he finally could listen to my stomach and hear something.  He's been trying for months.

Anyhoo, I shall try to be a better updater on here, possibly with more photos... Baby shower #2 is this weekend, so that should have something to post.  = ) 

Friday, July 31, 2009

week 23. day 2.

Soooo, funny story.  Today in the mail I received a letter from the State Pageant Office.  How they got my name and address, who knows.  Anyhoo, the letter, complete with a photo of Donald Trump & his special request (gag me!), invited me to join in the official state preliminaries to the Miss USA pageant.  Oh, and it promises to "be one of the most exciting weekends of your (my) life!"
I loathe the whole idea of the pageant anyhow, but it struck me as somewhat ironic that they sent it to a 5 month pregnant lady who's been married nearly a year.  I disqualify immediately anyhow. Paragraph 2, Line 1 reads, "If you are single (never married/never given birth to a child), ... we invite you to apply today."  Hum ho, thank goodness I have two fantastic reasons not to send in my most recent snapshot.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

week 22. day 6.

ugg.  this baby is so my child.  we are hating the heat together.  he/she will not let me sleep much at night if it's hot at all.  also, this week has been the start of random heartburn... not so fun.  I thought that was a 3rd trimester joy, but apparently, it has decided to grace me with its presence early.  
I have begun shopping more often than needs... mostly just because I need AC.  And since I'm not supposed to stock up on caffeine, coffee shops are somewhat pointless.  the place with the best AC thus far in my journeys is the post office.  sadly, there are only so many reasons to go there...  and they don't have any chairs or anything anyhow.  
oh well, summer will be over soon enough.  Rochester's always are so nice and short.  =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

week 21. day 7.

I shall have to post more belly photos soon- the weight gain has begun.  Little one is about the size of a carrot (a rather large one at 10 1/2 inches long!) as of last Thursday-ish and weighing in at 3/4 pound.  Although he/she weighs nearly nothing, I definitely can see lots of extra tummy.  

I actually ended up buying my first maternity clothes today- mostly tanks that go waaaaay down, and some maternity leggings to go beneath my skirts.  I think I may invest in these belly bands/tummy tubers...  then I can continue wearing some of my looser non-pregnant lady shirts and most of my pants.  Etsy actually has quite the collection of maternity stuff.  Here's a shirt I want to own at some point soon (though my sister did say she was getting it for me when I got pregnant):

I think this one is more fun than most.  = )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12 Things I Miss the Mostest

So, I recently read an article on Baby Center (some online thing for pregnant people/moms, etc...) about the 12 things most pregnant women miss the most.  Though some of them are true for me, I figured I'd make my own list about what I miss the most.  = )

1. My bellybutton.
It has been weirdly changing for a few months now.

2. Caffeine with no effects.
A new side effect is being kicked in the hips when I drink too much caffeine.

3. Alcohol.
Not constantly, but definitely when I crave cheese or pizza, I feel the need for a glass of wine or a beer.

4. Sleeping a whole night without having to consider my flipping around.
The pillow of epic proportions helps with this, but still, I wake up on my back often and have to think about why I can't lie that way in the middle of the night.

5. Being able to NOT smell everything.
For some reason pregnancy enhances your smell awareness... maybe to make up for lack of memory?

6. Not having to swallow horse pills daily.
Stupid pills.  Enough said.

7. People asking how I am doing rather than "How's the baby doing?" or "How are you feeling?" or comments about "Wow, you really do have a belly now!"
Although I guess what I have to look forward to is being "{baby's name}'s mom" for the rest of my life.

8. Being able to wear my rings. 
Swelling hands makes this a no go most of the time.

9. Feeling hungry.
You'd think with an extra tummy, I might feel hungry every once in awhile... barely ever.

10. Sushi, hot dogs, honey, and most especially, soft cheeses.
Maybe not hot dogs so much, but brie and feta, YES.

11. Feeling awake. 
Mostly I just feel tired or groggy.  Recently I've had more energy, but still feel tired often.  

12. My waist.
Is no longer a waist...  just a lump.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby photos. Week 20. Day 6.

yesterday was our first ultrasound, which ended up being in 2D and then in 3D as well!  this little one is quite a wiggleworm and absolutely loves *his hands.  while we were watching 3D, the toes almost made it into his mouth, too.  

david's attributes (as far as we can guess thus far): crazy hyper, moving all over
mine: hands near face, moving into the corner a lot for security

*No, we don't know the sex of the baby- I'm just using he & his to make it easier.  = )  the woman who did the sonogram made sure we knew when to close our eyes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

week 19. day 6.

::old wives tales predicting sex of baby::

1. Hang wedding ring of mother on string over mother while she lies on the floor.  If ring goes in circular pattern it's a girl; if it's a straight line swinging pattern, it's a boy.

Verdict: boy

2. Fast heartbeat for the baby would make it a girl; slower heartbeat means it's a boy.

Verdict: Girl

3. Sweet cravings foretell a girl, and sour or salty equals boy.

Verdict: Both... changes weekly.

4. If you're having morning sickness early in pregnancy, sure to be a girl.

Verdict: Yup (girl)

5. If you're skin breaks out, it will be a girl.

Verdict: Nope (Boy)

Yeah, these aren't all that helpful...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the new amazing body pillow.

my huge new pillow.  so I can sleep finally!!!

thanks to kaely for the hint.  = )

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

week 17. day 6.

I registered at Target and BabiesRUs this morning.  My practical side continues to amuse me... I registered for a lamp and a food processor...  the latter is really for us in general though it will be sooo helpful when making our own baby food.  This is one of my ambitious goals with this little one.  That, and cloth diapers.  I figure on Baby #1, I might as well try to get into the hang of all the things I hope to do since I do have time and energy right now.  

Also new photos are up on facebook of our new place.  Here's a picture of the babies' room:

Monday, June 22, 2009

baby bunting.

It shall be of the most frosty weather when the baby arrives, so I went ahead and bought a super duper baby bunting today for the cold days (which will be pretty much every day until he or she is 4 months old)...  plus it was on sale for 60+% off.  = )

week 17. day 5.

oh, and photos of my now noticeable baby belly:

gymboree sale.

as one friend has reminded me, I really don't need to purchase too many clothes since i am sure i'll receive enough with baby showers, baby gifts, etc...  but gymboree had a $$0.99 sale that I couldn't pass up,  Each of these items was a buck, and I figured even if I don't use them this baby, I can always pass it along to someone else.
I did register at Buy Buy Baby last week, which was interesting... I feel like I mostly picked out practical stuff.  Ear thermometers, burp cloths, electric outlet covers... yeah, all the exciting stuff.  Plus I am not sure about certain things.  I do like the layout of their store better than Babies R Us though- they are under the Bed, Bath, and Beyond brand, so you can use B,B, & B coupons, and the store flows much more like a B, B, and B.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

week 17. day 1.

hooray for macs... nothing to do with baby, but it does make my life happier.  actually I guess it does help with your connection to baby since we finally have a computer not listed as ancient (my laptop used to be our new one at nearly 4 years old), and I can now upload photos as well as scan and whatnot.  = )

the baby has grown to the size of... a turnip, which to me doesn't sound cute at all, so I am thinking more large orange?  that's not really all that cute either though.  oh well.  

more later.  with photos perhaps.

Monday, June 8, 2009

week 15. day 5.

Hooray- I think the morning/night sickness is really gone. We've announced the news at this point to pretty much everyone, I think. And, I am cleaning the old apartment this week, and then I can focus completely on the new one. = ) My internet is limited since the new one doesn't have internet and the old one doesn't have a computer... so I am off for now, but I will add more later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

week 14. day 6.

hmmm, maybe I really am in the second trimester. and perhaps the morning/night sickness has made its exit. though I can't speak too loudly...

::resumes normal speaking voice::
Anyhoo moving continues. I'm getting my exercise in carrying boxes and going up and down stairs. The baby's room, which doubles as the guest room and features a storage/linen closet should still be pretty roomy. I plan on some major yard saling/craigslisting/etc this summer to add some fun touches to the house in general.
This is what we're looking at for the first leg of babydom as far as sleeping.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

week 14. day 4.

Hooray for restful weeks. This has been the first one in the past three months. We also got our keys to our new apartment (one with two bedrooms and enough kitchen space to actually bake) yesterday, so today included cleaning. I am always amazed at what others think is considered "clean." It was gross. David & I re-SoftScrubbed all the kitchen cabinets, doorframes, wood trim, and whatnot.

Tomorrow morning I plan to make a run to Salvation Army to dump what is not needed out of my jeep, and then begin moving the small things. I want to try and move all the things I know I can carry up stairs, which is somewhat limited, but then I think at least most of the kitchen will be done. Perhaps some of my closet as well.

Baby seems to be doing well. I can see him/her a little more each week, but especially so this week- he's (she's) popping out a wee bit. I still loathe the smell of garlic, which faintly I can smell right now in my house... Hmmm, I am guessing David forgot to open the windows this time when eating. He is good, however, about not cooking with it at all. = ) Most of this week I have been feeling a bit better, but yesterday we determined that the baby doesn't share our love for Greek food... at least not at this point.

The next doctor's appointment isn't until mid-June, and that will be a heartbeat hearing once more, and then mid-July will be the date for the first ultrasound, so all those who want to see pictures, note the date, and ask me after that.

Oh and whoever invented the horse sized vitamins is still not my friend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

week 13. day 5.

I am finally getting to the point where I can definitely notice the growth of the belly. I still haven't gotten to the point where others can tell though. With the stress of my last quarter at RIT over and done with and now in the midst of prepping to move, we most likely will make the news public within the next two weeks or so.
My mama (and the rest of my family) was/were up this weekend, so she enjoyed doing the grandma thing and outfitting baby a bit. At some point perhaps I'll include photos, but first we have to get a computer that is actually fast enough for me to get images off my cards. Anyhow, my likes tend to favor the baby boys brighter colors, so this baby already has a wide variety of more "boyish" clothes. They're not trucks or dinos or anything, but apparently animals now fall in the boy section, too.
More later...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

week 12. day 3.

Wow- So this will be day 3 of 2nd trimester, and also, conveniently, of not getting sick nightly. Hooray! Just in time for finals. = ) I've eaten food for two nights running. The baby tummy is showing in tiny bits. He's there all right, but thankfully I still fit all my clothes. I also have managed not to gain any weight in 3 weeks (my guess is this is mostly due to the large amounts of food Not staying in my system).

In other news, the house hunt is going better... we found an apartment less than 2 miles away that has a much bigger living area with room for us to even have a kitchen table as well as more counter space. It also has a 2nd bedroom that will be most likely the guest room and eventually we'll stick a crib in there, too. Although we might still a piece of furniture in to hold baby clothes, it'll be nowhere near a typical nursery.

Anyhow, back to final paper writing. Only one more week of this and then I can hopefully have a normal human life again, at least as much as this baby will allow. =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

doce semana. uno dia.

so, the baby is now supposedly the size of a lime. I don't think I can call him that though- it just sounds too weird.

in other news, we heard the heartbeat for the first time today. man, is that little guy quick. and p.s. the goop stuff is absolutely disgusting. somebody needs to invent an alternative.
the baby is still making me sick, it's been rather frequent this past week (as in every night but one I believe). It's making it hard to do anything at night. =p

more awful names:
Eunike • L'Unique • Uniquee (really, people???)

Friday, May 8, 2009

cravings of sorts.

fried green tomatoes.

lucky charms.

blueberry bagels with butter.

change of fruit

Oh, and by the way, we've moved up to a fig for baby size this week. I prefer kumquat as far as the name sounds, but figs bring back nice memories of when I was 4 and 5. =)

week 11. day 2.

so, to correct any misunderstandings. the names from the previous post are NOT on the ok list.

add kashi and milk to the list of things that make me sick... but only at night still. I've been trying to convince myself that the vitamins really are worth it... in the morning they make me sick, so then I am sick all day. in the evening, they make me sick-er/they don't stay in anyhow. it takes way too much motivation to want to attempt to swallow them (somebody needs to tell the pharmaceutical companies that pregnant women shouldn't have to swallow horse pills).

this weekend is going to be interesting for sure. the opening of the photojournalism gallery show is tonight... I did get a piece in, which is exciting, but I won't be able to enjoy the finger foods they'll have since it doesn't start until 7, and I don't want to risk being sick for hours. also Spring Fest, my last of RIT's annual fairs complete with fair rides and inflatables is this weekend, and I realized I am just going to have to enjoy, as much as possible, the ferris wheel. usually that is my least favorite of all the rides, but usually there's no baby who suggests I ride otherwise.

oh well, time for the three hour class in a ridiculously hard chair soon, and I should probably put on more than lounge clothes. oh my aching back...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


p.s. baby names (at least those that are popular) seem to be getting awful-er these days:

This week's picks: Janey and Marty,Stacy and Andy
From the

week 10. day 6.

So, I figure since I invited people to hear updates on our family and what is happening with us, I should at least grace you with one update. = )
Technically I should be doing all kinds of schoolwork, but I also have been blessed with a very free schedule today, soooo I'll get there at some point. For right now, we've been referring to the baby as whatever fruit the silly pregnant emails/magazine updates compare it to each week. So, this week, we are baby kumquat, which I rather enjoy. Also the day in the title post is as accurate as I can guess right now- the doctor and I don't really agree on a duedate, but mine is two days earlier, so that's the one that's up there.
Thus far, not much in the way of excitement has happened. My stomach looks about like I ate two servings too many for dinner. I have bought some roomier clothes just so it can remain an anonymous concept until at least after graduation. I'm still sick pretty much every night... certain nights add some vomiting in there to add to the excitement. Blech. It makes for my photo shoots that are supposed to be happening at night getting canceled often...
Ok, I should be going. There are other things that rank a wee bit higher in the to do list. More later.

Prayer requests at present: we're looking for a house- without mold and with 2 bedrooms
and my stomach, at least until I graduate.
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