Sunday, May 31, 2009

week 14. day 4.

Hooray for restful weeks. This has been the first one in the past three months. We also got our keys to our new apartment (one with two bedrooms and enough kitchen space to actually bake) yesterday, so today included cleaning. I am always amazed at what others think is considered "clean." It was gross. David & I re-SoftScrubbed all the kitchen cabinets, doorframes, wood trim, and whatnot.

Tomorrow morning I plan to make a run to Salvation Army to dump what is not needed out of my jeep, and then begin moving the small things. I want to try and move all the things I know I can carry up stairs, which is somewhat limited, but then I think at least most of the kitchen will be done. Perhaps some of my closet as well.

Baby seems to be doing well. I can see him/her a little more each week, but especially so this week- he's (she's) popping out a wee bit. I still loathe the smell of garlic, which faintly I can smell right now in my house... Hmmm, I am guessing David forgot to open the windows this time when eating. He is good, however, about not cooking with it at all. = ) Most of this week I have been feeling a bit better, but yesterday we determined that the baby doesn't share our love for Greek food... at least not at this point.

The next doctor's appointment isn't until mid-June, and that will be a heartbeat hearing once more, and then mid-July will be the date for the first ultrasound, so all those who want to see pictures, note the date, and ask me after that.

Oh and whoever invented the horse sized vitamins is still not my friend.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

week 13. day 5.

I am finally getting to the point where I can definitely notice the growth of the belly. I still haven't gotten to the point where others can tell though. With the stress of my last quarter at RIT over and done with and now in the midst of prepping to move, we most likely will make the news public within the next two weeks or so.
My mama (and the rest of my family) was/were up this weekend, so she enjoyed doing the grandma thing and outfitting baby a bit. At some point perhaps I'll include photos, but first we have to get a computer that is actually fast enough for me to get images off my cards. Anyhow, my likes tend to favor the baby boys brighter colors, so this baby already has a wide variety of more "boyish" clothes. They're not trucks or dinos or anything, but apparently animals now fall in the boy section, too.
More later...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

week 12. day 3.

Wow- So this will be day 3 of 2nd trimester, and also, conveniently, of not getting sick nightly. Hooray! Just in time for finals. = ) I've eaten food for two nights running. The baby tummy is showing in tiny bits. He's there all right, but thankfully I still fit all my clothes. I also have managed not to gain any weight in 3 weeks (my guess is this is mostly due to the large amounts of food Not staying in my system).

In other news, the house hunt is going better... we found an apartment less than 2 miles away that has a much bigger living area with room for us to even have a kitchen table as well as more counter space. It also has a 2nd bedroom that will be most likely the guest room and eventually we'll stick a crib in there, too. Although we might still a piece of furniture in to hold baby clothes, it'll be nowhere near a typical nursery.

Anyhow, back to final paper writing. Only one more week of this and then I can hopefully have a normal human life again, at least as much as this baby will allow. =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

doce semana. uno dia.

so, the baby is now supposedly the size of a lime. I don't think I can call him that though- it just sounds too weird.

in other news, we heard the heartbeat for the first time today. man, is that little guy quick. and p.s. the goop stuff is absolutely disgusting. somebody needs to invent an alternative.
the baby is still making me sick, it's been rather frequent this past week (as in every night but one I believe). It's making it hard to do anything at night. =p

more awful names:
Eunike • L'Unique • Uniquee (really, people???)

Friday, May 8, 2009

cravings of sorts.

fried green tomatoes.

lucky charms.

blueberry bagels with butter.

change of fruit

Oh, and by the way, we've moved up to a fig for baby size this week. I prefer kumquat as far as the name sounds, but figs bring back nice memories of when I was 4 and 5. =)

week 11. day 2.

so, to correct any misunderstandings. the names from the previous post are NOT on the ok list.

add kashi and milk to the list of things that make me sick... but only at night still. I've been trying to convince myself that the vitamins really are worth it... in the morning they make me sick, so then I am sick all day. in the evening, they make me sick-er/they don't stay in anyhow. it takes way too much motivation to want to attempt to swallow them (somebody needs to tell the pharmaceutical companies that pregnant women shouldn't have to swallow horse pills).

this weekend is going to be interesting for sure. the opening of the photojournalism gallery show is tonight... I did get a piece in, which is exciting, but I won't be able to enjoy the finger foods they'll have since it doesn't start until 7, and I don't want to risk being sick for hours. also Spring Fest, my last of RIT's annual fairs complete with fair rides and inflatables is this weekend, and I realized I am just going to have to enjoy, as much as possible, the ferris wheel. usually that is my least favorite of all the rides, but usually there's no baby who suggests I ride otherwise.

oh well, time for the three hour class in a ridiculously hard chair soon, and I should probably put on more than lounge clothes. oh my aching back...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


p.s. baby names (at least those that are popular) seem to be getting awful-er these days:

This week's picks: Janey and Marty,Stacy and Andy
From the

week 10. day 6.

So, I figure since I invited people to hear updates on our family and what is happening with us, I should at least grace you with one update. = )
Technically I should be doing all kinds of schoolwork, but I also have been blessed with a very free schedule today, soooo I'll get there at some point. For right now, we've been referring to the baby as whatever fruit the silly pregnant emails/magazine updates compare it to each week. So, this week, we are baby kumquat, which I rather enjoy. Also the day in the title post is as accurate as I can guess right now- the doctor and I don't really agree on a duedate, but mine is two days earlier, so that's the one that's up there.
Thus far, not much in the way of excitement has happened. My stomach looks about like I ate two servings too many for dinner. I have bought some roomier clothes just so it can remain an anonymous concept until at least after graduation. I'm still sick pretty much every night... certain nights add some vomiting in there to add to the excitement. Blech. It makes for my photo shoots that are supposed to be happening at night getting canceled often...
Ok, I should be going. There are other things that rank a wee bit higher in the to do list. More later.

Prayer requests at present: we're looking for a house- without mold and with 2 bedrooms
and my stomach, at least until I graduate.
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