Friday, May 8, 2009

week 11. day 2.

so, to correct any misunderstandings. the names from the previous post are NOT on the ok list.

add kashi and milk to the list of things that make me sick... but only at night still. I've been trying to convince myself that the vitamins really are worth it... in the morning they make me sick, so then I am sick all day. in the evening, they make me sick-er/they don't stay in anyhow. it takes way too much motivation to want to attempt to swallow them (somebody needs to tell the pharmaceutical companies that pregnant women shouldn't have to swallow horse pills).

this weekend is going to be interesting for sure. the opening of the photojournalism gallery show is tonight... I did get a piece in, which is exciting, but I won't be able to enjoy the finger foods they'll have since it doesn't start until 7, and I don't want to risk being sick for hours. also Spring Fest, my last of RIT's annual fairs complete with fair rides and inflatables is this weekend, and I realized I am just going to have to enjoy, as much as possible, the ferris wheel. usually that is my least favorite of all the rides, but usually there's no baby who suggests I ride otherwise.

oh well, time for the three hour class in a ridiculously hard chair soon, and I should probably put on more than lounge clothes. oh my aching back...

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