Saturday, May 16, 2009

week 12. day 3.

Wow- So this will be day 3 of 2nd trimester, and also, conveniently, of not getting sick nightly. Hooray! Just in time for finals. = ) I've eaten food for two nights running. The baby tummy is showing in tiny bits. He's there all right, but thankfully I still fit all my clothes. I also have managed not to gain any weight in 3 weeks (my guess is this is mostly due to the large amounts of food Not staying in my system).

In other news, the house hunt is going better... we found an apartment less than 2 miles away that has a much bigger living area with room for us to even have a kitchen table as well as more counter space. It also has a 2nd bedroom that will be most likely the guest room and eventually we'll stick a crib in there, too. Although we might still a piece of furniture in to hold baby clothes, it'll be nowhere near a typical nursery.

Anyhow, back to final paper writing. Only one more week of this and then I can hopefully have a normal human life again, at least as much as this baby will allow. =)

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