Wednesday, June 24, 2009

week 17. day 6.

I registered at Target and BabiesRUs this morning.  My practical side continues to amuse me... I registered for a lamp and a food processor...  the latter is really for us in general though it will be sooo helpful when making our own baby food.  This is one of my ambitious goals with this little one.  That, and cloth diapers.  I figure on Baby #1, I might as well try to get into the hang of all the things I hope to do since I do have time and energy right now.  

Also new photos are up on facebook of our new place.  Here's a picture of the babies' room:

Monday, June 22, 2009

baby bunting.

It shall be of the most frosty weather when the baby arrives, so I went ahead and bought a super duper baby bunting today for the cold days (which will be pretty much every day until he or she is 4 months old)...  plus it was on sale for 60+% off.  = )

week 17. day 5.

oh, and photos of my now noticeable baby belly:

gymboree sale.

as one friend has reminded me, I really don't need to purchase too many clothes since i am sure i'll receive enough with baby showers, baby gifts, etc...  but gymboree had a $$0.99 sale that I couldn't pass up,  Each of these items was a buck, and I figured even if I don't use them this baby, I can always pass it along to someone else.
I did register at Buy Buy Baby last week, which was interesting... I feel like I mostly picked out practical stuff.  Ear thermometers, burp cloths, electric outlet covers... yeah, all the exciting stuff.  Plus I am not sure about certain things.  I do like the layout of their store better than Babies R Us though- they are under the Bed, Bath, and Beyond brand, so you can use B,B, & B coupons, and the store flows much more like a B, B, and B.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

week 17. day 1.

hooray for macs... nothing to do with baby, but it does make my life happier.  actually I guess it does help with your connection to baby since we finally have a computer not listed as ancient (my laptop used to be our new one at nearly 4 years old), and I can now upload photos as well as scan and whatnot.  = )

the baby has grown to the size of... a turnip, which to me doesn't sound cute at all, so I am thinking more large orange?  that's not really all that cute either though.  oh well.  

more later.  with photos perhaps.

Monday, June 8, 2009

week 15. day 5.

Hooray- I think the morning/night sickness is really gone. We've announced the news at this point to pretty much everyone, I think. And, I am cleaning the old apartment this week, and then I can focus completely on the new one. = ) My internet is limited since the new one doesn't have internet and the old one doesn't have a computer... so I am off for now, but I will add more later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

week 14. day 6.

hmmm, maybe I really am in the second trimester. and perhaps the morning/night sickness has made its exit. though I can't speak too loudly...

::resumes normal speaking voice::
Anyhoo moving continues. I'm getting my exercise in carrying boxes and going up and down stairs. The baby's room, which doubles as the guest room and features a storage/linen closet should still be pretty roomy. I plan on some major yard saling/craigslisting/etc this summer to add some fun touches to the house in general.
This is what we're looking at for the first leg of babydom as far as sleeping.
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