Tuesday, July 7, 2009

week 19. day 6.

::old wives tales predicting sex of baby::

1. Hang wedding ring of mother on string over mother while she lies on the floor.  If ring goes in circular pattern it's a girl; if it's a straight line swinging pattern, it's a boy.

Verdict: boy

2. Fast heartbeat for the baby would make it a girl; slower heartbeat means it's a boy.

Verdict: Girl

3. Sweet cravings foretell a girl, and sour or salty equals boy.

Verdict: Both... changes weekly.

4. If you're having morning sickness early in pregnancy, sure to be a girl.

Verdict: Yup (girl)

5. If you're skin breaks out, it will be a girl.

Verdict: Nope (Boy)

Yeah, these aren't all that helpful...


  1. R&R&R&R&ROFL!!!

    But, that ring test is totally a science thing...

  2. oh yes, all "science." (say us silly artists = p )


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