Tuesday, July 28, 2009

week 22. day 6.

ugg.  this baby is so my child.  we are hating the heat together.  he/she will not let me sleep much at night if it's hot at all.  also, this week has been the start of random heartburn... not so fun.  I thought that was a 3rd trimester joy, but apparently, it has decided to grace me with its presence early.  
I have begun shopping more often than needs... mostly just because I need AC.  And since I'm not supposed to stock up on caffeine, coffee shops are somewhat pointless.  the place with the best AC thus far in my journeys is the post office.  sadly, there are only so many reasons to go there...  and they don't have any chairs or anything anyhow.  
oh well, summer will be over soon enough.  Rochester's always are so nice and short.  =)

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