Friday, July 31, 2009

week 23. day 2.

Soooo, funny story.  Today in the mail I received a letter from the State Pageant Office.  How they got my name and address, who knows.  Anyhoo, the letter, complete with a photo of Donald Trump & his special request (gag me!), invited me to join in the official state preliminaries to the Miss USA pageant.  Oh, and it promises to "be one of the most exciting weekends of your (my) life!"
I loathe the whole idea of the pageant anyhow, but it struck me as somewhat ironic that they sent it to a 5 month pregnant lady who's been married nearly a year.  I disqualify immediately anyhow. Paragraph 2, Line 1 reads, "If you are single (never married/never given birth to a child), ... we invite you to apply today."  Hum ho, thank goodness I have two fantastic reasons not to send in my most recent snapshot.

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