Monday, August 31, 2009

week 27. day 5.

An ad that we got in the mail for cord blood banking... probably not going to do CBB as it's super expensive, but still, I thought the photo was humorous.  

David & I took a mini vacation to Toronto for the weekend.  Several of the bathrooms I went in had these signs... why on earth there was a warning against pregnant women with alcohol in the bathrooms, I have no idea.  We had lots of fun, did lots of walking and wandering.  I am now pretty tuckered out and also have gotten my first cold for the fall season.  I think it's only a sinus infection, but with my immune system not up to par, it's a bit intense.  

And lastly, a funny photo of my bellybutton, or rather a photo of my funny bellybutton.  It's popping out all weird, and when I sneeze, it pops out more.  Oh the fun bodily functions one acquires when pregnant...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Shower #2.

Hosted by: Shauna

Theme was Elephant ABCs, with the main colors being yellow & grey.  Though fairly small in guests, it was lots of fun.  The game of laughs for this one had each guest guess my tummy size in squares of TP... apparently everyone thought I looked bigger than I am.  

2008 popular names.

the names of choice for last year have been released:

When I was little I disliked having the most popular name, mainly because it meant that there was always at least one other Sarah in whatever group I was hanging in.  A few names I like are in the top 10, so now I might end up reconsidering them, at least a little bit.  I'm not one for being one of several, I guess.  I'd rather a more unique name, and for me, that means it probably shouldn't be in the top 10.

For all interested in knowing where we are in the "naming process," the baby will not be named until he or she has officially entered the world (his/her birthdate).  We have been tossing around some pretty intense lists of names, and they are all still in the voting process of whether or not they shall be considered when we need them.  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

tummy art.

I was debating having a more professional photo taken of my belly at some point the other day... professional equalling having a photo friend handy with portraits do something for me.  I saw this today... oh dear.  I can't imagine how much this might tickle, and then consequently, probably itch.  

I think I'll just stick with a photo of the bare belly.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

week 25. day 6.

I figured it was about time for some more of these...  I keep forgetting to actually take the pictures.  Ironic I guess for me being a photographer, but still remembering to take photos of your tummy really isn't all that easy to keep in mind.  

As you can obviously see from the photos, baby ortiz has grown ALOT.  According to weekly email updates, we have now reached the stage where baby weighs in at a rutabaga, but is a much different shape (thankfully!).  He/she is long and lean, about 13 1/2 inches, but weighs approximately a pound and a half.  This little one is definitely an active one, generally in the morning, after dinner, and then between one and three am.  

The heat is killing me, so last night david & I finally gave in and bought an AC, which already is my new best friend.  As my mama keeps reminding me, I have my own personal internal heater, and it's working far too well.  I'm not really a heat/humidity person at any time of the year, so this isn't helping AT ALL.

This past weekend was spent visiting siblings, parents, and one set of grandparents.  It was crazy and fun, as always, but this time we got to bring entertainment in the form of an ultrasound video and the heartbeat monitor.  My brother, Gabriel (6), was thrilled that he finally could listen to my stomach and hear something.  He's been trying for months.

Anyhoo, I shall try to be a better updater on here, possibly with more photos... Baby shower #2 is this weekend, so that should have something to post.  = ) 
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