Wednesday, September 30, 2009

week 31. day 7.

Tonight was our last birthing class, so at this point all we have to do is practice and wait...  

One of my last pregnant friends (2 more left) had her little girl earlier this evening.  She helped to debunk the myth that ALL first babies arrive late since her's was born a bit early.  If our baby wants to work with our schedule at all, which I know babies are apt to not want to do, it'd be helpful if he/she came a few days early or on time.  

The sale last Friday turned out to be quite the success.  The clothes are all in different stages of the washing/drying process, so photos will have to wait.  However, it was worth the 25 minute wait to get into the dome center, where it was held, as well as the mad dash (mostly on other mom's parts) to find what was needed, and lastly a ridiculously long check-out line, which I managed to get bumped to the front about 20ish minutes after standing there.  Apparently I didn't have tons of stuff, and I looked pregnant enough.  I did find many a sweater, which was specifically what I was on the lookout for as well as some more maternity clothes to get me through the next 8ish weeks.  

Mmmk, sleep now (I need to convince the little one of this, but I am ready).

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