Wednesday, October 28, 2009

week 35. day 6.

As of tomorrow only 4 weeks to go (at least until the duedate). I really should update more often... this post will be in blips as that's about how my mind is working these days:

  • feeling constant movement from our little person... no more flipping at this point, so I am hoping we are all set in the head down position
  • lots of heartburn, swelling feet & hands, and achey muscles I didn't know I had
  • a dresser on its way to being done for the many fold up bins full of teeny tiny clothes
  • still need to finalize our co-sleeper decision and go buy that
  • 2 more showers happened in october: one hosted by my friend, rachel u. at our apartment with many friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in forever), which was awesome, and then a 2nd hosted by the women at church. very blessed by both.
  • my little sister anna's (age 4) opinion as to baby's sex... david: "anna, what is the baby going to be?" anna: "um, I don't know" (said with extreme attitude) david: "what would you like it to be?" anna, matter o' factly: "oh, a girl."
  • craving chocolate like never before in my life... thus far in the form of frozen mini snickers, chocolate pudding, chocolate filled croissants, and hot chocolate...

so, I do have some photos that at some point I will upload and get on here, hopefully before the next 28 days have come and gone (by that time we might have a teeny person on our hands!).

perhaps more blogging will happen as well to keep you all updated for this last let of this part of the adventure. I am presently trying to get the house to the order I want it in since I know that won't be happening post-baby. =)

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