Wednesday, November 25, 2009

week 39. day 7

almost there. and I am so ready. I am trying not to be too eager as I'd rather not be overly irritated if the little one thinks staying in extra long is a good idea. yesterday's doctor's appointment was pretty positive though. I, funnily enough, lost weight, which supposedly is a good sign. anyhoo, as of right now, other than nightly contractions, there's no saying when anything will happen.
I've started pulling out some Christmas decor stuff as I want to get it out before I get too busy. I also realized that I hadn't really done any Christmas shopping. Not that I do all that much, but still, I figured I should start doing it now. It's a little weird buying a present for the baby. I mean I know they won't appreciate it, and I'll be the one (or I could make David do it) opening the gift. But at the same time, I feel it'd be weird to not purchase my child even a tiny gift. Oh well, I think we're just going to give him/her a silver baby cup or spoon. I've been searching Ebay all morning for some random stuff (I'd forgotten how much I enjoy Ebay).

Will keep you posted on baby updates as they happen.

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