Friday, July 31, 2009

week 23. day 2.

Soooo, funny story.  Today in the mail I received a letter from the State Pageant Office.  How they got my name and address, who knows.  Anyhoo, the letter, complete with a photo of Donald Trump & his special request (gag me!), invited me to join in the official state preliminaries to the Miss USA pageant.  Oh, and it promises to "be one of the most exciting weekends of your (my) life!"
I loathe the whole idea of the pageant anyhow, but it struck me as somewhat ironic that they sent it to a 5 month pregnant lady who's been married nearly a year.  I disqualify immediately anyhow. Paragraph 2, Line 1 reads, "If you are single (never married/never given birth to a child), ... we invite you to apply today."  Hum ho, thank goodness I have two fantastic reasons not to send in my most recent snapshot.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

week 22. day 6.

ugg.  this baby is so my child.  we are hating the heat together.  he/she will not let me sleep much at night if it's hot at all.  also, this week has been the start of random heartburn... not so fun.  I thought that was a 3rd trimester joy, but apparently, it has decided to grace me with its presence early.  
I have begun shopping more often than needs... mostly just because I need AC.  And since I'm not supposed to stock up on caffeine, coffee shops are somewhat pointless.  the place with the best AC thus far in my journeys is the post office.  sadly, there are only so many reasons to go there...  and they don't have any chairs or anything anyhow.  
oh well, summer will be over soon enough.  Rochester's always are so nice and short.  =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

week 21. day 7.

I shall have to post more belly photos soon- the weight gain has begun.  Little one is about the size of a carrot (a rather large one at 10 1/2 inches long!) as of last Thursday-ish and weighing in at 3/4 pound.  Although he/she weighs nearly nothing, I definitely can see lots of extra tummy.  

I actually ended up buying my first maternity clothes today- mostly tanks that go waaaaay down, and some maternity leggings to go beneath my skirts.  I think I may invest in these belly bands/tummy tubers...  then I can continue wearing some of my looser non-pregnant lady shirts and most of my pants.  Etsy actually has quite the collection of maternity stuff.  Here's a shirt I want to own at some point soon (though my sister did say she was getting it for me when I got pregnant):

I think this one is more fun than most.  = )

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12 Things I Miss the Mostest

So, I recently read an article on Baby Center (some online thing for pregnant people/moms, etc...) about the 12 things most pregnant women miss the most.  Though some of them are true for me, I figured I'd make my own list about what I miss the most.  = )

1. My bellybutton.
It has been weirdly changing for a few months now.

2. Caffeine with no effects.
A new side effect is being kicked in the hips when I drink too much caffeine.

3. Alcohol.
Not constantly, but definitely when I crave cheese or pizza, I feel the need for a glass of wine or a beer.

4. Sleeping a whole night without having to consider my flipping around.
The pillow of epic proportions helps with this, but still, I wake up on my back often and have to think about why I can't lie that way in the middle of the night.

5. Being able to NOT smell everything.
For some reason pregnancy enhances your smell awareness... maybe to make up for lack of memory?

6. Not having to swallow horse pills daily.
Stupid pills.  Enough said.

7. People asking how I am doing rather than "How's the baby doing?" or "How are you feeling?" or comments about "Wow, you really do have a belly now!"
Although I guess what I have to look forward to is being "{baby's name}'s mom" for the rest of my life.

8. Being able to wear my rings. 
Swelling hands makes this a no go most of the time.

9. Feeling hungry.
You'd think with an extra tummy, I might feel hungry every once in awhile... barely ever.

10. Sushi, hot dogs, honey, and most especially, soft cheeses.
Maybe not hot dogs so much, but brie and feta, YES.

11. Feeling awake. 
Mostly I just feel tired or groggy.  Recently I've had more energy, but still feel tired often.  

12. My waist.
Is no longer a waist...  just a lump.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby photos. Week 20. Day 6.

yesterday was our first ultrasound, which ended up being in 2D and then in 3D as well!  this little one is quite a wiggleworm and absolutely loves *his hands.  while we were watching 3D, the toes almost made it into his mouth, too.  

david's attributes (as far as we can guess thus far): crazy hyper, moving all over
mine: hands near face, moving into the corner a lot for security

*No, we don't know the sex of the baby- I'm just using he & his to make it easier.  = )  the woman who did the sonogram made sure we knew when to close our eyes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

week 19. day 6.

::old wives tales predicting sex of baby::

1. Hang wedding ring of mother on string over mother while she lies on the floor.  If ring goes in circular pattern it's a girl; if it's a straight line swinging pattern, it's a boy.

Verdict: boy

2. Fast heartbeat for the baby would make it a girl; slower heartbeat means it's a boy.

Verdict: Girl

3. Sweet cravings foretell a girl, and sour or salty equals boy.

Verdict: Both... changes weekly.

4. If you're having morning sickness early in pregnancy, sure to be a girl.

Verdict: Yup (girl)

5. If you're skin breaks out, it will be a girl.

Verdict: Nope (Boy)

Yeah, these aren't all that helpful...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

the new amazing body pillow.

my huge new pillow.  so I can sleep finally!!!

thanks to kaely for the hint.  = )

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