Friday, January 15, 2010

6 weeks. 3 days. POST baby.

So, life has changed dramatically in the past 7 weeks.  I believe we are finally settling into this family thing though.  Dominic is growing by leaps and bounds and as of yet, hasn't caused much worry at all.  The only worry at present comes and goes and is completely due to NY state and its ridiculous running of the Health System and handling of the required Newborn Screening.  Basically they take blood from every baby born in the state and test for all these diseases... Dominic is fine, but we had to retest him since the first specimen they took wasn't taken correctly.  Once dragging him into the hospital to have them do a retest and take more blood from the poor baby's tiny wiggly heel, we then received 2 more letters because of the unorganization of the system.  I feel they should make use of the technology of phones and emails instead of snail mail...

Otherwise life is continuing on.  We've already taken two road trips and are planning for the third, which will be to the DC area next week for the March for Life.  Thankfully the little man doesn't mind the car too much... hopefully that won't change any time soon.
We also are going to be trying out our trial of cloth diapers over the next 2 weeks.  More on how that goes in posts to come.  It seems a little bit overwhelming, but I think at this point we have the rest of laundry mostly under control and should be able to handle it.

Fussing just commenced... time to go save the baby from his "sleeping" time.

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