Tuesday, June 29, 2010

growing up.

june 2010.  6.5 months old.

crazy craziness.

Wow- I feel like I might be stuck in a whirlwhind today.  To give you an idea of my day thus far, here's a blip from a gchat with David giving him an update on the morning from a few hours ago:

David: how's the morning been?
 me: crazy
 David: oh?
  I'm sorry
10:06 AM me: not neccessarily bad
10:07 AM more like he was up, peed through his diaper and wet the bed
 David: oh boy
 me: so I just stripped him with plans for a bath in my head
  he played for a bit
  then wanted food
  fed him oatmeal + peaches
  took fairly well to the peaches
  but wanted to play with anything he could reach
10:08 AM afterwards gave him a teething biscuit (hard hard cracker sort of thing)
  he LOVED it
  til it dropped and then went into unhappy baby mode
  recovered it once
  second time decided I was done
  so I tossed him in the bathtub
  to discover he was hiding a wee bit o poop somewhere in his bum
  which came out into the water
10:09 AM so took him out of the plastic tub and just stuck him in the big one
  had to keep him from banging his head into the faucet
  bathed him and removed him
  when I saw you on
  and then heard the velcro...
  and here we are

And yikes!  But, that was the early morning.  Thankfully Dom went down for a morning nap today, and has been sleeping for nearly two hours at this point, which means I got a good amount of other things done.  Now I must go throw dinner together (crock pot-ing it!).  More later...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Women Uncensored...

is having their weekly giveaway.  Two I'm excited about are:

An Island in the Sun - A children's book


A Reusable Sandwich bag

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Monday, June 21, 2010


Ok, so perhaps I am not so diligent in my writings and ramblings.  It's been a crazy weekend though, so that's mostly why.

Today I prepped up some homemade plum baby food for the boy.  I'm enjoying the baby food making thus far- we've done peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, avocado, and now plums.  We're testing out a few different ways of making it as well as storing it.  A food processor has been an amazing tool, and it's a nice thing to have around the kitchen in other ways.  I used it to make a quick pastry crust last week, and it worked fantastically.  For smaller amounts of baby food we have a little grinder, which my guess is, will come in handy on trips and when out to eat.  Thus far, it's been fantastic for the bananas and avocados.

Note: Neither of those freeze well and need to be ground fresh for each meal.  We learned this the hard way with the former... they taste the same, but man, are they grimy and brown.  I have to mix them into the cereal to make myself ok with the way they look.

As far as storing, one can always use a regular old ice cube tray, and then as soon as the food freezes, pop the cubes out into a ziploc or container.  Our trays are a little fancier.  We tried the Baby Cubes and also the Baby Steps Freezer Trays.  My excuses for going the fancy route:
1.) The lids come in handy when I forget about the food for a day or two, and then it comes out minus any freezer taste.
2.) They stack fabulously- don't think it'd work as well with gooey, not yet frozen, mush.
3.) The Baby Cubes are transportable making them great for day trips without having to plan extra dishes or containers.

I'm still discovering little things with each new food we try (as is obvious with our banana faux pas), but it's fun, and oh so so much cheaper.  I'm still trying to find a sweeter apple because the boy is more into his veggies than fruits.  Not that this is a bad thing, but right now the only sweet sweet fruit he's had is bananas.  The apples and plums I made were more on the tart side.  Ehh, I'll keep trying.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Book.

I am reading another book, albeit I'm plodding through it rather slowly.  I always seem to be starting books- David must be rubbing off on me.  =p  Anyhoo, the latest book on the "reading presently" shelf is 'Clean House, Clean Planet'- a how-to/advice book on cleaning with everyday household goods rather than toxic (and expensive) cleaners.  I am definitely interested in saving some money with cleaners as well as seeking to not inhale as much poison when cleaning.
Image from Amazon.com

More later on how I like the book as well as "cleaners" I try out. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

long long Monday.

It's already after six o'clock, and finally my little, strong-willed protester has fallen asleep.  As Dom is now nearly 28" long and 21 lb., we had to graduate him to the next level carseat.  This means that when he falls asleep in the car, upon reaching our destination, he's woken up as we have to take him out of the seat.  Yesterday he took only 3 catnaps in the car, and today he took 2 really short ones.

All this really means is my day was uber long.  I got a whopping nothing done.  Oh wait, I carried the dry laundry upstairs and put away maybe 24 dishes... yup, that's it.  Not such a good day on the homefront.  I guess days like this have to happen though.

Now that he is asleep though I should go use my time wisely...

(Oh, and in case anyone is surprised at my more-than-frequent posting- I have decided to help empty out my crazy thought frantic brain at least 3 times a week by writing on here for 5-10 minutes.  That's my limit.  I can't give a blog much more time, but hey, if it helps me stay sane, that much I can give.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

a day in Ithaca.

We took a little family day trip today which was quite delightful.  It included a stop to taste some wine at Buttonwood Grove Winery, a few hours wandering about Ithaca Commons- which included the discovery of a most fantastic store, Petrune, which sold both vintage as well as up-cycled clothing (will be going back at some point) and lunch at the yummiest sandwich place- Simeon's (my sandwich had avocado hummus...  mmmmm!),  and then finally after a random drive through Cornell University - planning to check out their arboretum but instead getting stopped at every turn due to many reunions,  a stop at Ithaca Falls rounded out our adventure for the day.

So, all in all, a wonderful day.  It ended by coming home and David cooking up some steak served beside salad greens, brie atop mini bread slices, and a glass of wine.  I truly enjoy having these slow paced days, especially when life gets to such a busy state.  I'd wanted to visit Ithaca for at least a day trip since at least March.  We've had something we couldn't get out of every single weekend since the end of March though, so that just wasn't going to happen.

Going to bed slowed down in mind and body and exhausted through and through.  ::glee::

(after hanging up a load of laundry- didn't really think I wouldn't do anything, did you?  But really, it has to happen... mildewing laundry is the worse of two evils.)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Mason Jars.

Saw this post over at TheKitchn.com within the past few months.  I honestly never remember when I see things; I usually star them in Google Reader, and the 2nd time I see it, I remember it.  As I am a HUGE fan of Mason Jars (MJ), I thought this would be a fun idea to start making my pantry more fun as well as super organized.  MJs are always fun to find at yard sales and whatnot as well.  This morning (see post below), I found 3 little tiny ones that I'll probably use for spices.  My counter/table in my kitchen presently has jars of all shapes and sizes filled with corks, pennies, beer caps, and other such randomness.  Hopefully though by the end of the summer, I can get my dried goods- grains, cereals, and such - organized more into jars.  We'll see how that goes.   I really need to make up a goal of what householdy things I would like to see accomplished by the end of the season.  More on that later.

Photo from thekitchn.com

Baby Legs.

Crazy day today!  The boy + I awoke and began our day around 7:30ish.  Nice of him to let me sleep in a little.  The town right over from us had a neighborhood yard sale beginning at 9 with plenty of people selling in their driveways throughout the area.  We made our way over there around 9:30 and just walked from sale to sale.  Definitely scored there finding some high end clothes for Dom the next size up.  He already is fitting 6-12 mos. sizes and my guess is by the end of the summer we'll be switching into 18 mos. +.  Yikes- this baby is a big one!  Also grabbed some board games, tea spoons, and little glass jars to make me happy.  = )

Next at our favorite Luvaboos (local Natural Parenting store) we joined Monique (who also teaches our Mama + Baby Zumba class) for a FitWalk around the neighborhood.  1 hour, 2 gallons of sweat, and a good workout later, we rushed over to meet Aunt Christin for a quick coffee (iced as the season calls for) and hello.  And now, we're home to face a house that looks like a bomb exploded in every room save for the bathroom.

Back to the title of this post- BabyLegs, which I highly recommend as one of my favorite baby products EVER, came out with summer leg warmers with UV protection and made of a lightweight fabric.  Plus, like the regular ones, they come in many a cute pattern.  We probably will be getting a pair partially because they're so cute, and partially because I am always looking for ways to fight off the sun while enjoying the outdoors.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a little bit of Ireland.

This made me smile this morning- featuring some friends of mine from Ireland, this video helped my mostly sluggish morning have a bright spot. I feel when it's rainy outside, my days always seem a bit slower. Dominic is not quite at the age yet where walks in the rain are enjoyable. I enjoy them- him, not so much.

His 6 month appointment is today, so we'll get to see where he is growth wise. He's poking through 2 teeth and is sitting up very well. More on that later!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wet Bag Giveaway @ Nicki's Diapers

A cloth diapering MUST HAVE!  We have two (one to hang at home + one for the out and about days).  Even if you don't use cloth diapers, these Wet Bags are fantastic for just sticking dirty/wet clothes in if you have an accident while away from home or are swimming and need something to tote your wet gear home in.  Planet Wise are my favorites thus far.  More on cloth diapering and accessories to follow soon...
(Photo from Nicki's Diapers Website)

Go to:
Nickis Diapers to enter the weekly giveaway!
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