Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Legs.

Crazy day today!  The boy + I awoke and began our day around 7:30ish.  Nice of him to let me sleep in a little.  The town right over from us had a neighborhood yard sale beginning at 9 with plenty of people selling in their driveways throughout the area.  We made our way over there around 9:30 and just walked from sale to sale.  Definitely scored there finding some high end clothes for Dom the next size up.  He already is fitting 6-12 mos. sizes and my guess is by the end of the summer we'll be switching into 18 mos. +.  Yikes- this baby is a big one!  Also grabbed some board games, tea spoons, and little glass jars to make me happy.  = )

Next at our favorite Luvaboos (local Natural Parenting store) we joined Monique (who also teaches our Mama + Baby Zumba class) for a FitWalk around the neighborhood.  1 hour, 2 gallons of sweat, and a good workout later, we rushed over to meet Aunt Christin for a quick coffee (iced as the season calls for) and hello.  And now, we're home to face a house that looks like a bomb exploded in every room save for the bathroom.

Back to the title of this post- BabyLegs, which I highly recommend as one of my favorite baby products EVER, came out with summer leg warmers with UV protection and made of a lightweight fabric.  Plus, like the regular ones, they come in many a cute pattern.  We probably will be getting a pair partially because they're so cute, and partially because I am always looking for ways to fight off the sun while enjoying the outdoors.

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