Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Book.

I am reading another book, albeit I'm plodding through it rather slowly.  I always seem to be starting books- David must be rubbing off on me.  =p  Anyhoo, the latest book on the "reading presently" shelf is 'Clean House, Clean Planet'- a how-to/advice book on cleaning with everyday household goods rather than toxic (and expensive) cleaners.  I am definitely interested in saving some money with cleaners as well as seeking to not inhale as much poison when cleaning.
Image from Amazon.com

More later on how I like the book as well as "cleaners" I try out. 


  1. lemon and water is really nice for a counter cleaner..and table cleaner. i still use bleach for the bathroom. i havent found one yet for the bathroom.

  2. I'll update if I find any bathroom ones that work- I don't use bleach ever as I'm a bit paranoid about bleaching my clothes.


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