Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Travel, baby, travel... it is in your blood.

8 days ago began what could have been an amazing adventure or an event in which everyone around me might hate me... Dominic's first airplane ride.  And, we left the husband/daddy at home, which made it an even more adventurous First.

I am sure we were a hilarious sight as I made my way through, Moby-ed baby on front, "personal item" slung over my shoulder, pushing an umbrella stroller with a small carry-on inside.  I managed to not need to check anything under the plane except for the carseat.  The only time this really was not so fun was in between flights down to Norfolk... we arrived in Terminal C in NYC and then our connecting flight left from D.  SO we huffed it over, thinking we had a whopping 58 minutes, outside in the blazing heat (99 degrees or so AND a baby tied to me), through the taxis waiting for customers, and back into the next terminal only to find that our flight had been delayed 35 minutes or so.  Oh well, it was interesting to say the least, and I'm sure several of the taxi drivers got a chuckle out of it.

Security checks were crazy (above and beyond because I look awful suspicious).  Apparently if you take baby food in jars all sealed up and it's more than 3 oz, you are subject to a drug check automatically.  Last time I bring that along.

Screaming, irritated, and antsy baby during the WHOLE flight... thankfully, he wasn't mine.  Mine was actually quite the little doll.  All four of our flights, he sat in my lap, cooed and smiled at fellow passengers, and then curled up, nursed, and fell asleep for the duration of the flight.  ALL FOUR FLIGHTS.  Yes, I have the dream child as far as traveling goes.  I'm glad he got my traveling genes.  There were several other babies around who weren't fans of the ride.

I did have the Secret though ->  Nursing truly was the key.  I can't imagine flying with a baby who doesn't nurse/still nurse.  It helped ever so much in calming him (so much so he slept) during takeoff and apparently the pressure in his ears didn't bother him at all.  From what I've heard, nursing and the constant swallowing action prevents it all.

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