Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sadness + Smiles

So, I broke my child's heart today.
Only for a moment, thankfully.

And, now he's back to his fully cheerful, scooting, little self.

Earlier in the day he was busted while dumping out one of the square bins we have in his "dresser" (a wardrobe with shelves, each shelf having 3 bins with different items within). I was running out the door so I left it for then.

A bit ago, I cleaned up the pile of bibs and washcloths, and while I was doing so, Dominic decided I must want to clean up more. I mean, that was the obvious thing. So, he grabs another bin, this one of blankets, and starts pulling them out.

I take his hand from the bin, look at him, and tell him "no." (Not the first time he's heard this word...) He makes one of those sad, sad faces- think quivering lip, eyes pooling with tears, the works. And then he starts sobbing.

I held fast though. Despite the sad face. Annnnd moments later he was happy again.

And on another note...

This always makes me smile:

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