Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TENS::10 Items that are Nice to have on a Baby Registry

So before, I gave my ten top items.  These are close behind as far as having around for baby, and you might as well put them on your registry, I would say, because you'd use them.  Once again, at the end will be the ones that not every parent needs.

#1 Noggin Nest
Weird name, but super useful!  The best part about this product is its versatility.  We used it in our baby swing, in the infant bouncy seat, and in the stroller.  I believe it's not supposed to be used in a carseat... but most carseats these days come with a head support anyhow.  For only $15, this is one that is definitely nice to have.

#2 Infant Bath Tub
It's not something you need as baby can (once allowed in water) be washed in a sink or just your regular tub, but it is kind of nice to have.  We got ours as a gift, and it definitely has made things a bit easier.

#3 Monitors 
Nowadays there is every kind imaginable of baby monitors.  If you have two floors in your house, and you think baby will be sleeping on a different floor than where you are, these are nice.  In our case, in early days we found they were helpful when visiting other people.  Now we use them a lot more since Dom sleeps in a different room, and both of our rooms have window ACs, and these just make it easier to hear him if he wakes.  Once again, not a necessity in my book, but definitely a useful item.

#4 Humidifier
If you even semi-cold winters, this is one that will be nice to have.  We already own one for our room, but I suspect when winter hits, we will be purchasing another for Dom.  Especially when flu and cold season starts, you'll want one of these to make breathing at night a bit easier.

#5 Pacifiers
Not every parent wants their child to take a pacifier, but if you do plan on encouraging it, it might be nice to have several different ones on hand.  Every child is different, and they might take any brand or they might be super picky.  Pacifiers, in my book, fall into the unnecessarily expensive category, and you might as well have other people spend their money on them for you.

#6 Crib sheets
If you have a crib picked out, go ahead and register for a few different sheets that you like.  You might as well have them on hand and ready to go.

#7 Strollers
I found my strollers used on Craigslist and love them.  My other favorite (I own four... don't ask) is one that the infant carseat fit into.  Strollers are another fairly pricy item, but don't hesitate to add one to your registry, unless like in my case, you already have one.  Also, there are many types of strollers out there- I love my jogging stroller because even though I don't really jog, it is very useful for walks and more adventurous treks.  Umbrella strollers are nice because they fold up the smallest, and I generally use that one now for shopping and for traveling.  I would definitely recommend one that your infant carseat fits into because that makes everything so much easier when your child is that size.  The one my mama gave me was uber simple, but it did the job of holding the carseat in place, and there was no unbuckling/re-buckling of Dom.  It looks about like this.

#8 Extra covers/sheets/soaker pads
Boppys come with covers.  Moses Baskets have sheets.  Co-sleepers have sheets.  Babies need blankets. Babies pee through and spit up on EVERYTHING.  Sooo, it's extremely nice to have extras of all that stuff.  I even use the giant sheet saver on my side of the bed- it's just a flat sheet I lay under the sheets, so the mattress is protected beyond my mattress cover.  Believe me, there will be more liquid than you want to think about.

#9 Bumbo seat
Another item I got as a hand-me-down.  We found this helpful when Dom was first eating solids, but he wasn't quite a stable sitter yet.  It also helps babies work their sitting muscles without as many bumps to the noggin.

#10 Hooter Hider
The name might make you laugh... technically they're called nursing covers, but hooter hider is just way funnier.  I used a gift card to get mine.  If you are nursing, and plan on nursing in public (which I think you should- hiding in disgustingly dirty bathrooms when out to feed your baby is just crazy), then these are an easier way to be modest than balancing a blanket on your shoulder.  It worked great for me until Dom decided that he likes playing peek-a-boo better than helping mom stay modest.

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