Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diaper Update.

Diaper trials are the BEST idea.  [See 2 posts down]  From the 7 diapers that we tried from Luvaboos, we quickly were able to determine which diapers were not for us as well as which ones we loved.

The not-so-muches:

Happy Heinys MINI One Size Pocket Diaper
This one was way bulky and he leaked out pretty quickly.  I had issues with the snaps as they kept coming undone as I tried to get my wiggly baby done up.

DryBees All In One Hybrid
At first seemed nice and easy- was a simple getting on.  Then it ended up leaking out both sides with just a wet diaper.  Apparently not one that would work with the boy who likes to fill his diapers to their max anyhow.

Thirsties Diaper Cover
Although it's the cheapest of all the choices- it goes over prefolds, which are what most people think of when they think of cloth diaper.  My thoughts on it were that it was extremely bulky, again hard to get on a wiggly baby, and it seemed too many pieces, although still only two.

Pocket diapers, which happened to be what we liked the best are a diaper that have a "pocket" in them, which you stuff an insert in each time.  Inserts can be doubled or made of a different material, such as hemp, to absorb more if and when needed.  The downsides are they are a little pricy, and the whole thing has to be washed each change.

However, these were the winners in our book:
FuzziBuns Perfect Fit
Was easy to get on with snaps that fit into 4 (I think) different size options.  No leakage at all.

BumGenius One Size
So this one is a one size fits all with velcro and snaps for adjustments.  It comes with one insert that worked great, even with the blowout Dominic tried for this diaper.

Thirsties Duo Diaper
Another easy to get on one that held nicely.  Comes with two inserts, one of which is hemp, which is really nice.

Happy Heinys Sized Pocket Diapers
Didn't come with inserts, so had to buy those separately, but still were a good fit and didn't leak and were super simple.

And so the cloth diapering is beginning... I bought 5 for now as well as two wet bags (for holding the diapers prior to washing.  However, I forgot to buy the special detergent, and therefore, was unable to do the initial washing... so, Monday I shall pick that up, and we will really begin.  =)

an update on life.

So, the apartment is quiet.  David and Dominic are asleep on the couch.  I am waiting for the next 4 minutes and some odd seconds to complete the baking of some pumpkin muffins.  It's almost disturbingly quiet... the only noise is some neighbor's barking dog and the odd ticks of the oven and its temperature changes.
It was a pleasantly productive past week, including some budgeting, laying out of plans, tentative calendar making for the year, and what not.  It looks to be a fairly busy year with at least five weddings, a couple vacations, and probably some weekend trips.  After our many crazy weekends over the past two months, I think I am finally getting to the point I generally know what we'll need, and I can catch up with all the laundry once home.  Dominic continues to be a mostly good traveler- a few bouts of screaming every trip, but when did screaming ever hurt a baby?  We dragged him to his first March for Life in DC this past weekend:

He did well despite the cold wind whipping across his face.  And he got to meet my Irish peoples, which is always a good thing.  We even dragged him out to a hopping Irish pub, which he loved by the way- just goes to prove that he is definitely David's and my child.  (Not that there was any doubt...)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

trial of the cloth diaper.

I picked up my cloth diaper trial from Luvaboos, a local store selling cloth diapers and more, last Thursday.  I finally got around to washing and prepping them this morning, and then the real trial shall begin.  I am completely open to any of the "styles" of diapers as I really have no idea at this point which shall be easiest, cheapest, worth it the most...  and so forth.  We've been using the Chlorine free diapers up to now since there was so much laundry, and I really just needed to get settled into full time mama first.  Dominic goes through a good 10 diapers a day though, so that is going to be a fair amount of cloth diaper washing.

And we're off... more on how it actually goes later.

names and popularity of.

So much for not naming our baby with a unique name... Dominic is number 59 for last year and Alexander, 21.  Maybe next baby we'll have to aim more creatively.  Thankfully his name suits him well- it was the scariest thing having to bestow a name upon another human being.

Top Baby Names of '09

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

6 weeks. 3 days. POST baby.

So, life has changed dramatically in the past 7 weeks.  I believe we are finally settling into this family thing though.  Dominic is growing by leaps and bounds and as of yet, hasn't caused much worry at all.  The only worry at present comes and goes and is completely due to NY state and its ridiculous running of the Health System and handling of the required Newborn Screening.  Basically they take blood from every baby born in the state and test for all these diseases... Dominic is fine, but we had to retest him since the first specimen they took wasn't taken correctly.  Once dragging him into the hospital to have them do a retest and take more blood from the poor baby's tiny wiggly heel, we then received 2 more letters because of the unorganization of the system.  I feel they should make use of the technology of phones and emails instead of snail mail...

Otherwise life is continuing on.  We've already taken two road trips and are planning for the third, which will be to the DC area next week for the March for Life.  Thankfully the little man doesn't mind the car too much... hopefully that won't change any time soon.
We also are going to be trying out our trial of cloth diapers over the next 2 weeks.  More on how that goes in posts to come.  It seems a little bit overwhelming, but I think at this point we have the rest of laundry mostly under control and should be able to handle it.

Fussing just commenced... time to go save the baby from his "sleeping" time.
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