Thursday, August 25, 2011

Arm-gorillas and Carrots

So, cute story on Dom, and then update on Baby O II.

Dominic is trying as hard as he can right now to learn many, many new words.  The majority of the time he succeeds.  However, he is struggling with correctly pronouncing words ending in illo/ella and any combo thereof.  He has been able to say 'gorilla' well for at least 5-6 months, so when I sound out words such as 'umbrella' and 'armadillo,' he says...

'um-gorilla' and 'arm-gorilla'

It's pretty frickin' adorable.

Baby O II is growing along just lovely.  Midwife appt. #3 was this week, and we met a 2nd midwife from the practice I am using this go round.  Heartbeat on this one is just as strong and fast as his older brother.  This little guy continues to be a mellow mover - he moves, but his pokes aren't as "jab-by" as Dom's were.  We have another night owl at the moment... hopefully this changes at some point, so I can sleep with the rest of the world.

It's really exciting knowing the little one inside is a boy - it has been fun telling D. all about his little brother, and every night D. tells my belly "Good night, little brother.  I love you, little brother" and gives him a "kiss" (unless you have reached a certain stage in Dom's affection, you are offered a cheek for you to bestow a kiss upon- the baby still gets a cheek).

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