Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Oh my geeseness!"

As said by my older dude this morning.  He dropped pencils on the floor, exclaiming "Oh my geeseness!"

Yesterday I asked him:
"Who like... apple slices?", as I put a pile of them on his tray.
All hesitation aside, he called out: "Jesus!"
I had to agree that he probably does.

Little O2 is measuring in at Week 24 (as of last Thursday) as an ear of corn...  I do not understand this one. He weighs a little over a pound and is pretty long, measuring nearly a foot!  He enjoys late nights and early mornings... ugh, a little preview to how much sleep I'll be getting come January.  Oh wait, who am I kidding - I'm already waking every 1-2 hours and ending up wide awake.  I've been having to fight to sleep in past 6:30... I feel like my parents, knowing my middle/high school habits, might chuckle at this.

This past week was insane, and I am greeting the dreary weather now with a to do list a mile long.  Last Thursday I shopped the pre-sale at Weepeats (the world's best consignment event - see post from 2 years back: http://twoortizesplusmore.blogspot.com/2009/09/week-31-day-1.html).  I have graduated from the mere attending of this event to now, consigning my own stuff and volunteering for a shift or two.  The perks to doing those are: getting in Thursday, so no Friday lines, and you are pretty much guaranteed to find what you want without having to fight anyone for it.  It's so worth it.  Check-out ends up being 10 minutes instead of nearly 2 hours.

I managed to make out with all Dom's fall/winter wardrobe, a $5 pair of Sorrel snowboots, bday/Christmas/big brother gifts, and several over the top cute things for the new little man.

Saturday I worked the sale for 8 hours, which meant all day on my feet.  Then, Sunday was Artist Row at the Public Market, at which I had a booth... meaning another 6-7 hours on my feet.  Needless to say, yesterday was a recuperation day.  And, also, that'd be my excuse for my not updating in over a week.

For those of you who've asked for one, a pregnant photo of me doesn't exist as of right now...  maybe at some point.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Baby O II is a mango this week... in my mind a mango is not all that large, but I guess a good sized one could weigh in around a pound plus a little.  He's a little squirmer in the nighttime, but is still mellow in his movements.  I haven't been getting all that much sleep... well, I sleep - just not for more than 1.5 - 2 hours at a time.  I also have had an early onset of heartburn.  Ugh.  Dom caused quite a bit of heartburn, too.  I have discovered this time around that the perfect heartburn combatting food is melons with Greek yoghurt. Delicious and creamy enough to squelch any burning.

Friends of ours just had a tiny, little girl yesterday.  I've seen pictures, but I cannot wait to meet her and hold her.  My newborn itch has definitely set in.

As has my nesting need.  Our house has been getting TONS of attention this week.  There seem to be a million things coming to mind that can be done to make the house more organized and ready for baby (and hopefully, not too far after, moving).  I can't complain - the energy is there, Dom has been a trooper about playing solo, and tons is happening.  We'll just see how long this lasts...

Monday, September 5, 2011

A photo shoot.

Took my little man out for a shoot at a nearby park this past week.  He is not one to sit still long, so I mostly just worked with him, and shot whatever he wanted to do...

To see more from the shoot, check out my Photography blog or my FB page.

Teeny Bum.

Cannot wait to have the little bum to fill this teensy diaper.  I picked up a couple extra smalls to add to our collection this past Saturday.  We didn't cloth diaper Dom for the first 6 weeks, but since we're already doing the laundry loads for it, it seemed logical to start this little one right off in CDs.  This 
GroVia will also be our first AIO (All in One); previously, we've only used pockets.

Baby is clocking in at a Spaghetti Squash point this week - last Thursday marked 22 weeks.  He weighs nearly a pound at this point!  Yesterday at church, Dominic insisted that I hold him through the service - about halfway through praise songs, I felt a good solid kick on the inside right where Dom was sitting on the outside... brotherly competition has begun.
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