Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adjusting to two.

So my first major (and most irritating thus far) adjustment to real life with two thus far was was this past Thursday when I attempted a trip to Wegmans. (For those of you without this luxury, Wegmans is the most fabulous of grocery stores. It originated in Rochester, so we have an abundance of them). Wow, I did not know what I was in for. B was conked out, and I thought, wrongly it turned out, that it'd be easiest to leave him in his carseat. I'd left not one, but both my carriers at home. Note to self: always make sure to have some kind of carrier in car with me for such occasions.

As I walked towards the store, I realized we'd need some sort of special cart.  D voted on the one with the car attached to the front.  Figuring I should at least attempt to keep the boys on the happier side, I agreed.  I then attempted to place B + his carseat in the flip open seat in the cart... nope, that didn't work. Apparently car seats are now built to be super inconvenient because D's infant seat fit just fine clipped into the "seat" in carts.  I then tried placing the seat horizontally balanced in the back of the car to no avail.  (D's seat also fit like this).  At this point, B had woken up, and I figured we should get a move on it if I wanted to make it home with any groceries in tow.

It turned out the only place to stick an infant seat was taking up the majority of space in the back of the cart.  This left pretty much no room for food.  I guess if you have two kids small in size, you come to the grocery store for poo + giggles.  I know I definitely was only there to parade around.  Sliding bags of apples and packages of sausage on either side of B's seat, I managed to fit pretty much everything into the cart.

Oh, and just to top of my trip, I got stuck behind that woman who double checks the price on every single flippin' item she is considering purchasing.  Yup, the one who says (after the cashier has scanned the item), "Um, I am positive that is on sale.  You have the wrong price... no, I think you should check it again.  Oh, I cannot remember what the price was, but it was cheaper than *that*!"

We made it home in one piece though.  Next time our ever faithful Beco shall accompany us.  And, at least D had a blast turning the steering wheel and saying "Drive, drive, drive!  Coming through.  Turning right!" as we maneuvered our bestest through Wegmans.


  1. Alan and I had a deal when one and two were tiny. I only took one child shopping. (he was usually kind enough and took both) you will find shopping at night can be (somewhat) relaxing. I mean you are by yourself And nobody is saying mommmmmeeeeee.

  2. I think nighttime shopping might have to start happening. I took the carrier for B today, and it still was like an extreme sport.


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