Thursday, May 24, 2012

Counting Fun

Long time, no see. I know. It's been long while since I've had spare time to devote towards blogging. Technically right now I could be doing a million other things, but both boys are happy/sleeping, and I can sit down and jot (metaphorically speaking), and thus, I am.

In our plans for homeschooling our children (I was homeschooled all the way through preschool - high school, and David was in private + public schools growing up), we have begun to make a point of integrating learning into our everyday life. For me, my hopes of homeschooling include instilling a love and passion to learn in each of my children. A yearning, if you will, to want to know more.

After lunch today, the boy requested some M + Ms (you might as well know this is Jesus' favorite food - see this blog post) for a treat. I usually aim to do dessert type treats after lunch rather than dinner, so I obliged. As I went to grab the bag (please note - we don't actually keep this kind of treat on constant demand, but every once in awhile corn syrup-ed yumminess is enjoyed in this household), my inner self smacked itself on the forehead... "Oooh," it said, "this is the *perfect* learning tool!" Dom was super patient about waiting to eat his treat as we used it to:

Count - simple enough.

Group - by colour

ReCount - each group

The picture is post-counting. Once I gave the ok, he gobbled up our learning tools.

Hooray for fun learning though maybe in the future I'll cut some circles out of cardstock and draw Ms on them... one more reason to buy a circle cutter that I've had my eye on.

Any other ideas for colour/counting objects that are easy enough to come by?

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