Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The down days.

Sometimes we have bad days. Down days. Days that seem to be one wrong thing after another.
And sometimes the insanity must be escaped.

Yesterday (all before 12 noon, mind you)
I discovered we were out of coffee.
Mice got into our pantry. Again.
Dom decorated the floors and several toys with brown crayon.
Blaise puked on me. Twice.
Blaise then poop exploded all over himself.
Meaning... several outfit changes.
Dom banged his head.
And tripped over toys.

It was just one of those mornings of craziness nonstop. I caught myself taking my frustration out on random items and my boys. So, I decided to walk out on the crazy.

We put on some hoodies + shoes, left the breakfast dishes (still sitting on the table), and we left. Grabbed some super unhealthy food out (I couldn't bring myself to go into our pantry again), and we headed to the nearby Canal. Sadly, there were no ducks, but it was wonderful to be outside, breathing fresh air and exploring with the boys. Dom was in heaven as he ran up and down the sidewalks. 

It was perfect. It gave me exactly the energy I needed to come back and take care of basketfuls of laundry, sinkloads of dishes, and toys every which way. 

Some days are down days. Thankfully, there are always ups to be found.  Here are a few things I've found encouraging during this crazy week:

The Definition of Motherhood :: Motherhood Your Way

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