Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sensory Bins + Sponge Water Balls

Summer means outdoor fun. Outdoor fun means getting messy and being able to leave the mess outside. Key word: 'Leave.' This means mama is happy that the house stays a teensy bit on the neater side, and boy is happy that mama encourages mud, dirt, and mess.

I found this pin about a week and a half ago, pinned it onto my board Activities + Learning. The pin links to a Tutorial over at House of Hepworths blog for a DIY sponge water bombs, which is perfect for hours of outdoor fun. Last night it came into being, and it only took me maybe 5 minutes to make two. The boy is thrilled and cannot wait to try them out with his new water sensory bins (which pretty much equal two rubbermaid bins filled with random items that can get wet). Mama is happy that such an easy activity/project brought so much joy.

Our two porches are pretty much the only outdoor space we have since we're in a 2nd floor apartment.  I can see the back porch right through our kitchen door, so it's the perfect spot to set up on the warmer days. Our water bins are my first try at learning with sensory bins. They are such a frugal way to promote fun + brain power.

Here are some fun finds + things we're on the lookout for to put in water sensory bins:

  • thrifted kitchen items: whisk, ladles, spoons, hand beater, funnels
  • growing sponge animals (I cannot think of a better description... they are those little capsules that you place in warm water, and they come out as a different shape)
  • plastic toys that are on their way out the door anyways, so they can get one last hoorah before being dropped at Goodwill
  • food coloring - a little switch up in water color is always fun
  • plastic cups, bowls, storage, etc
  • bottles
  • strainers
  • PVC pipe pieces
  • ice! including ice shapes - fill balloons or rubber gloves with water + freeze!

I'd love to see/hear about others water fun ideas for this summer. Are you creating a water bin/pool area for your little ones? Please share!

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