Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekly Capture XXII

Who knew flour was so entertaining?

A long, hot week again. Hit up Lollypop Farm (rescued animals as well as some farm livestock) with friends, visited the library + their AC several times, and spent some time attempting to be disciplined in getting the house to a cleaner state.

Out of the mouth of Dom
Dom daily tells me (over + over, sometimes to the point of monotony) that he's going to have a good day. Basically this is his "fix-it-all" for doing anything that is remotely whiney, dangerous, destructive, not listening, you name it. It's sweet though when I sit back and think about it.

We've had a mouse issue lately. Yes, in the middle of summer - you think they'd be foraging outside?!? Dom suggested after hearing me complain about mouse poop all over, "Mama, maybe we should get them a froggy potty?"

"Mama, can we have a tea party today?"
"Can we use your special, special blue teapot?"

Playing with a steering wheel attached to a playground:
"Mama, I'm driving to Timbuktu!"

Updates on the B-boy
Would so much rather stand than sit that he's not getting much practice in. The gums are even *more* swollen, but still NO teeth... Thank God for some of the remedies I listed off in my post on teething comforts the other day.

Quote found
"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."
                  Albert Einstein

Listening to

In a very Mumford + Sons sort of mood lately. They're coming to concert here soon... I've been debating buying tickets to go see them with das hubband. I should decide soon as it's nearly sold out.


I had money in the form of Amazon gift cards, so I added Downton Abbey (Original UK Edition) to our collection. The husband and I have been watching it in short sessions over the week. It's my fourth time viewing it, and it's still just as charming and lovable.

Cooking (+ Eating)
Caribbean Jerk Tempeh Wraps
Blueberry Jam (made fresh with our blueberries we picked last week! Delish!)

Links to check out
10 Things That Will Make You Happy at Home :: Apartment Therapy
Where Motivation Ends and Discipline Begins :: Work Your Way

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