Friday, August 17, 2012

a week of downs.

A long week in this house means Mama gets no time to type up any blog posts. I still intend to come up with a Weekly Capture, so look for it sometime this weekend, but please forgive my tardiness. There have been downs and ups all week. I say downs first because we've mostly been on a downhill slope. From little to big things, it's just been a ridiculously long haul this week. This is pretty much sums up my week in jots:

Arrived home from a weekend out of town celebrating my beautiful cousin's wedding and enjoying wonderful time with my extended family. We also took a 3 hour-ish detour on the way home to spend a bit of time with one of my dearest friends, her husband, and 2 boys (who coincidentally are nearly the same ages as my boys).  (Long jot... sorry.)

Found out my husband's grandfather died.

Car acting up again. Our only car. So back to the shop for him again. ($500+ later, he's back to running order and hopefully no more scares for awhile).

Dropped a whole roll of fresh toilet paper in the pot. Small in comparison, but just the icing on the cake for that particular day.

Teething, cranky boy. No teeth STILL.

Complaining and whiny 2 year old.

Funeral plans being planned and then having to be replanned. Lots of rearranging of our schedules.

David gone every night all week desperately wrapping up research for the summer quarter.

Blaise decorating his ridiculously happy self, his pillow, the floor, and Sophie in poop. Ugh. So, so gross. My parents, however, are probably laughing since I did something of the same as a small person.

One sick boy. Not so bad, but lots of runny nose wiping.

Another sick boy. That bad. No sleep, and so miserable.

It's been so crazy that yesterday, I passed out yesterday for 2 whole hours of obviously much needed rest while putting B down for a nap. Once I woke up I realized not only had I not had my typical afternoon cup of coffee, but my morning mug was only missing two sips.

I sit here now typing this, forcing myself to complete today's mug o' joe, listening to the pirate-y fun going on behind me. Thankfully one of my younger sisters is here visiting for the week and has provided Dom with lots of much needed diversion. I'm mostly just trying to wade through all the muck of the week. I guess dishes and laundry and unpacking and pretty much all other household stuff will get taken care of next week.

So, excuse my lack of posting, and I'll get back to it in a week or so when we return from the funeral. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

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