Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Capture XXVI

Wow. August, you just keep sending twists and turns our way. My life is either in a suitcase or a washing machine these days. From wedding to sick week to funeral to a yard sale (selling my junk this go round!) to again packing for a trip down south - this time to visit my grandparents for a few days (leaving the husband home again to work and attend class and all that good stuff). I get to travel with my mama and best friend/sister, so that should be good times, too. Once again all you get this week is a wrap up and maybe some instagrams tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, next week, I'll adjust back into "normal" craziness and be able to offer a little more substance on the blog. Thanks for bearing with me. 

Out of the mouth of Dom
"It's not smelling time! It's playing time."

Me: "Do you like being kissed?"
Dom: "Yes I do! I like being smooched, too."

"Daddy washed my special cup because he's a strong man, and we like him. I call him 'Daddy-pants,' and he calls me 'Dominic-pants.'"

Blaise-eroo Updates
Progress has come to our house! We have one tooth peeking through the gum, AND the little man has followed in the footsteps (bum-steps?) of his older brother and his aunts by deciding that bum scooting is the perfectly acceptable way to begin the life of mobility. I set him sitting in the living room the other day where I could see him. Peeked in to check on him a few minutes after and found I'd "lost" him. Then I walked in to find he'd scooted a good 4-5 feet across the room to get to the toy stash. Sneaky little bumkin.

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