Friday, November 16, 2012

Weekly Capture XXIX

My boy + me at his 1st play last weekend

Out of the mouth of Dom
Me (to David): "You're going to be..."
David: "28."
Me: "You're going to be 28."
Dominic (with his impeccable timing): "Lame!!!"

Science lesson from Dom:
"What's an owl?"
Dom: "It's a thing that goes 'Hooo! Hooo!'"
"Is it a bird?"
Dom: "No. It's an owl."
"Does it have feathers?"
Dom: "No, it has wings."

Blaise Updates
Not quite crawling, but on his way! He is loving mobility and has discovered the joy of dumping, whether it be books or blocks. We've slowly been adding meat to his diet, and today he tried some lunch meat turkey in prep for the real thing next week. His only "not so favorite" food is oatmeal. It's the one thing he'll turn down after only half a bowl.

Listening to
Discovered this song a few months back, and this past week it's made the playlist several times. Plus always nice to have happy music when we're having a bad week with the neighbors. 

Links recommended
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If you or someone you know is planning a trip to the most Magical place in the world, please check out this excellent, well-organized overview put together by one of my best friends:
31 Days to Plan Your Disney Trip :: His Frugal Servant

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