Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Capture XXXII

B + his hardboiled egg face mask.

A weekend trip down to see my family kept me from updating about last week since we were driving in the wee hours of Friday morning. The trip was a special treat since it included an amazing production of The Nutcracker... special for so many reasons. A fabulous cast (is it called that in the ballet world?) complete with principals from NYC Ballet and 5 of my siblings! This marked the first show for my youngest sister and the last (with this Ballet School) for one of my brothers. PLUS it was the first time I got to introduce Dom to the magic of The Nutcracker. It was a wonderful time!

Dom + my brother, who starred as Fritz in The Nutcracker

Out of the mouth of Dom
A few favorite Dom moments from the week:
Last Thursday I peek into the other room and see Blaise attempting to "steal" Cars characters from Dom. Dom responded by grabbing them, holding them high above B's head, and singing to him:
"You can't always get what you want!"
Now, please note, I'm not thrilled with the lack of sharing, but I am rather proud that he chose to sing Rolling Stones to his little bro. 

David, who we've decided that his "blog name" be 'LegenDaddy,' decided Dom was a good age to teach Knock, Knock jokes to. He thought the ones taught to him were hilarious, but for completely different reasons than we thought. His new favorite:
"Knock, knock." "Who's there?"
"Interrupting cow" "Interrupting cow, who?"  "Moo (to be interrupted during last line)"
Dom, if telling the joke, pauses a long bit before saying 'Moo.' Or he just tells the whole joke, calls and responses, both. 

David (singing Carly Rae Jansen's song 'Call Me Maybe'): "Hey, I just met you!"
Dom (chiming in): "And this is... George!"

The kid kills me. (But not literally)

Updates on my non-so-babylike Blaise
A third tooth has finally made its appearance. He is choosing to be a mostly vegetarian just from his extreme dislike of most meat products. He eats bacon though. With 3 teeth. So, that's pretty good. His odd methods of transporting himself around have finally made their way into 50% of the time being a traditional crawl. Pulling himself up as well. And it's only about 5 weeks til he turns one!

Listening to

Lots of Advent-y music, such as Advent at Ephesus. Such a great way to help keep a calm and focussed atmosphere in our home during this season.

Links I've enjoyed
Little HolyDays: First Advent :: Carrots for Michaelmas
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Easy Desserts in Jars + Making Sugary Recipes a Little Bit Healthier :: Kitchen Stewardship

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