Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Little B!

O little B man. How quickly this first year of your life has gone! It seems like much more than a year ago, yet somehow not quite that we were in the midst of this craziness (i.e. your birth story). Your brother's 1st year went fast, but I already feel like time is moving quicker, and yours was somehow quicker. How did you go from this tiny sweetness:

To this confident little bugger?

You took your sweet time getting into this world (Mr. 11 days late!), and ever since life has gone at a steady pace for you. You are such a calm, peaceful soul, and as long as you can cuddle with me, you are assured that all is well. Little man, whom your brother has termed "B," your curiosity and love for detail is already apparent as your chubby little hands attempt to feel out where each screw indents in every toy in our house. Or as you sit reading book after book after book. You already are poring over the page - how excited I am to share many storybook adventures with you as you grow!

God knew I needed a restful little person after the first two years of parenting. You definitely are a sweet and quiet rest after the joyful noise that is your brother. You have gleefully glided through each stage this year. The smiles and giggles that come out of you make our whole house excited. We love your dancing bounciness that always appears when you hear music and sometimes even when the only song must be in your head.

Through your quiet spirit, there is also a quiet bit of determination that shows itself more and more. Already, even in these early months, you've shown your will of iron at times. Be careful, little one, that is a blessing in disguise. You will have to learn to use it for good rather than evil, and when it is submitted to Our Lord, it can be used for amazing things. Remember that. 

This mama has loved getting to know you outside the womb. I love watching the sweet peeks that only I am privy to of your middle of the night stretches with your arms folded behind your head or the excitement you show in your whole little body when we go in together to wake up your brother from his naps. It's a beautiful thing to watch you love on each of us and to be on the receiving end of your love, my son. From the head bonks to the kisses that sometimes end up as "chew on my face" sessions to the hugs you're ever so ready to share, complete with a pat on the back. You are one loving little person.

I look forward to every moment and adventure we will have with you in the years to come. And I am ever thankful for each moment you have graced my life thus far. You are a miracle and a blessing to this family, my little one. May you grow up to be a Saint!

Love you,

Your mama

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