Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes :: Preparation

--- 1 ---
In attempts to get this week's Quick Takes out faster than last week's, I started with a title on Monday... yup, didn't help much. More preparation needed next week.

--- 2 ---
Speaking of Preparation, Lent is here. Time to prepare ourselves with prayer, penance, almsgiving, and fasting.  

--- 3 ---
Meal planning has begun. Going meatless for Lent definitely puts some twists into what we can eat. Any veggie options you can share would be super awesome! Its been one of those mornings, so as I sit and think of meal ideas I've been singing "Gotta meal plan on Friday" to the tune of Rebecca Black's song Friday. S
ad I know.

--- 4 ---
Just wrapping up the letter 'A' in our homeschooling in Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven. I have quickly discovered that I need to be way better at preparing. First I waited til the day before I wanted to start to begin finding the books needed. Bad idea. Our library had 2 off the list. Then I thought we'd prep crafts and such together... yeah, my 3 year old's patience doesn't go for that. For 'B,' we shall begin collecting our collage clipping on Day 1 rather than the last day.
--- 5 ---
In attempts to get started on the completion of this self given challenge of completing all these ways to love on LegenDaddy before Lent is over, I got him this card for St. Valentine's Day:

Yes, I am that epic. You, too, can get one at Julie Ann Art on Etsy.

--- 6 ---
Oh, and things you can't prepare for: Parenthood. Today I had to sniff my child's hand for poop. (Yes, his hand!!) Ugh, you just cannot make these things up.

--- 7 ---

Now to start next weeks Quick Takes... At least this week's took me less than an hour, and in the middle of that I had to put to sleep one sweet lil pooka. So, success on that front. Well, both those fronts. =) 

            Til next week,

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