Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly Wrap Up :: February

Another month of 2013 down. Sadly, I lost a week of this already short month to the flu. This past week is the sickest I've been in years. I'm just now starting to feel functionable once again, even though I'm still definitely sick. Be glad you can't catch my germs via the internets.

February did not take this family anywhere travel wise. We did have visitors, and successfully started our preschool program though. We celebrated the Feast of St. BrigidCandlemas and the Feast of St. BlaiseSt. Valentine's Day, and began the Season of Lent. Snow did not disappoint this year, and we have been blessed with an abundance. I have two little snow lovers, who have thoroughly enjoyed some roughhousing, sledding, snow angel making, etc.

From our Bookshelf

Although I haven't made any great strides with my book list for this year, I have finished a few books that I'd wanted to read anyhow this month.

The Girl in Blue by P. G. Wodehouse

Classic Wodehouse combining wit, English manor houses, many misunderstandings, connections betwixt every character, and a lovely sweet romance holding out throughout the entire story. An American lawyer drops his sister, who has been caught attempting thievery, mostly for her own amusement, at an old English house, crumbling to its demise, whilst he ventures on for a trip elsewhere in Europe. A miniature painting goes missing from a lawyer's desk, the lawyer happening to be the brother of the owner of the grand country house, and suspicions turn to the the previously accused petty thief...

The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis

A fascinating allegory of Heaven and Hell. A man tells his story as he takes a bus from Hell into Heaven and travels around with George MacDonald as his guide. He learns that all are welcome in the world that is Heaven, but few actually want to submit to God's will fully and lose themselves and the things they've given mastery of their lives in order to  remain. As typical of Lewis, this makes for an intriguing fable, but also entices the reader to deeper thought in regards to what happens after life.

Berlioz the Bear by Jan Brett

A strange buzzing noise coming from Berlioz's double bass has him worried as he and his band travel to the village square, where they will be performing. As they ride along, the horse and cart get stuck, and the worries just increase. The answer to his wonders as to what the noise may be also ends up being the answer to all the troubles the merry bunch face. We thought this was a fun story with plenty of 'B' words to aid in learning.

Another lovely find from Jan Brett (as you've probably noticed, she's another one of our very favorite children's authors/illustrators). Set in the plains of Africa, this story tells of a honey guide and a honey badger, who usually work together to find and enjoy honey. However, one day the honey badger decides to be greedy and leave none for the honey guide. The honey guide decides to teach that honey badger a lesson he will never forget.

What's been Popular

Top post of the month was again How to Help Comfort a Teething Baby,

with A Collection of Meatless Meals for Lent following close behind.

As you can see, the new look is slow in coming. I was counting way too much on having last week and this week to work since David is on break from grad school, but the flu definitely made sure that wasn't going to happen. Once I get caught back up with the rest of life, work shall follow, and then maybe, maybe I can devote some time to this lil guy.

So Happy March, folks. Here's to me being a better poster this month!


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  1. I'm glad you're feeling better ~ :-)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It does make life so much easier and fun. =)


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