Saturday, February 2, 2013

Weekly Capture XXXVIII

After the party, the lil man preps a bed for himself in the middle of the floor.

Jeepers. Up, down, up, down. That is what this week has been. Since my last weekly update, two weeks back now, I contracted norovirus, made my husband play Mr. Mom for two days (thank goodness he's such an obliging and loving care-giver!), packed up + went to DC for the March for Life and then to see one of my uncles and his family (meaning fabulous conversation and company - think serious theological talks beside intense literature discussions), and then back home to celebrate 2 Feast Days this week (St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Brigid) with plans to honor Candlemas combined with St. Blaise's Day tomorrow.

Can't believe Lent is right around the corner! It's sneaking up fast. Alongside Lent, there will be another Little Holy Days link-up, which I'm really excited for. I'm already trying to think of some Lent focussed posts, as well as saints we'll be honoring throughout February and March. Be on the lookout for the link-up, where you can also share your posts on Holy Day observations!

Shaking like a champ making butter for St. Brigid's day.

Out of the Mouth of Dom
My little man has been on a roll this week yet again. Here are a few of the favorites that I happened to write down, so I could remember to share with you. 

"If ladies grow a beard, they're a dwarf."

"I don't drink coffee, but I can go to coffee shops. Why?"

"I saw this toy, and I thought to myself, 'Dominic would like this,' so I picked it up and I liked it."

The B-man
Mr. B is growin and movin and shakin. We celebrated his birthday again today with some of our friends that we hang with for mama/kiddo outings. So fun, and I managed to remain unstressed (except for one minor moment this morning) about everything, which made it just a sweet time all around. Still waiting on more teeth, and expecting the boy to be free standing any day now. He is convinced that the "nos" in our house are there just for him to touch and watch for my reaction. No first child cautiousness/hesitancy here. I love that he's still such a cuddley little guy- I kinda hope he stays like this forever.

Please take a moment to adore my lil man's curls. And now realize why I cannot bring myself to cut them.

I highlighted some of what we read last month in our Monthly Wrap Up, but since we're one book-lovin family, there is always more. I am making my way through Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic by David Currie. I bought Orthodoxy by G. K Chesterton, so hoping to start that one soon. I finished The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place: Book I: The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood from my 2013 reading list. Though a fun story idea, I wasn't all that impressed with the writing. Many great vocabulary words make their way into the story, but overall I'd definitely recommend you go with The Penderwicks if you're looking for a book for young readers. I might still read the following Incorrigible books in the series as quick reading though.

This week we've spent time gathering goodies to begin our first week of somewhat-more-formal homeschooling preschool with the curriculum, Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven. Dom's mostly excited about the giant corkboard I bought for him to display stuff on. We got started a bit early with an awesome retelling of the Cinderella story, Adelita. I've been picking up random fairy tales during our weekly library trips, and this one is definitely a winner. Adelita takes place in Mexico and unlike it's original story, it does not have any magic, so it's perfectly safe for tiny, impressionable minds.

Keeping up with the weekly release of episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3 on PBS online. {Spoiler alert ahead}. Really Julian Fellowes!?! Perhaps you could write an episode that doesn't have me sobbing. First Charlie, then Sybil. I can't take anymore. Sadly, at a year post-baby, I don't think I can blame my hormones for the tears. So, Mr. Fellowes, if you would, please be nice to my emotions, and write a lovely, happy, all's well that ends well episode. Thank you, kindly.

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  1. Dom's dwarf quote reminds me of the LOTR banter of Gimli talking about about the common misconception that there are no dwarf women and Aragorn (?) saying "It's the beards" behind him! what a sharp little guy!

    1. I know! I think he may have overheard a conversation betwixt his parents and his uncle at some point about dwarf women's beards. But still, it warms a mama's heart. =)

  2. Ohhhh my goodness! Those curls!!! I would refuse to cut them as well. And Downton Abbey - I lost it when I watched that episode. Totally killed me.

    1. Ridiculous, right? My older son had beautiful curls, and when I cut them, he inherited my board straight hair (well the board straight hair I had as a child...). So, I'm holding off on Mr. B.
      And poo on Julian Fellowes for being all over-dramatic and stuff.


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