Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Things

So I was tagged by Haley of Carrots (one of my all-time favorites - both her blog and her as a person... we haven't met, I just assume we would probably be kindred spirits) in this 5 Things post, where I have to share 5 random things of no particular subject with you, my readers. I was all excited to see that I had been tagged, but then I've been thinking, trying to even come up with 5 things. Apparently, I'm not good at this.

So, here goes.

1. I overthink mostly everything. Example: this here 5 Things. Also, see my somewhat weekly attempts at 7 Quick Takes. I just seriously give too much thought to way too many things. This causes problems when I need to go to bed at night, and I'm still attempting to process whatever has happened that day. I do have an advantage that when I decide to do something or make a change, I have given it more than sufficient enough thought to know that I am completely confident in my final decision. However, my husband often has to remind me that most people don't think through each little thing as I do, and most likely they probably don't have a reason for each thing. So, I guess it's definitely one of those blurses.

2. I'm pretty sure I may be a half-Claustrophobic. Though I could handle being closed into a cardboard box, I cannot take my feet being stuck or my head. So, maybe a top + bottom Claustro? At night I cannot sleep if I get stuck in between bodies, and I must have a place for my feet to escape any and all sheets and blankets. Socks are generally a no when I'm asleep, too. If warm enough, I almost always prefer bare feet (I actually went barefooted more than 90% of the time for about 4 months in college). Also, my head. Do not like shower water hitting me in the face. Plunging into a pool or the ocean, completely fine though. And, I don't typically like my head under the blankets (blanket forts - ok, blanket directly on my face and covering it - not so much).

3. Traveling is something that has fallen out of my life, and I severely miss it. Before getting married, I travelled a ton. I spent a total of over 6 weeks in Ireland alone over 5 different trips. I also got the chance to see England, Scotland, and the Philippines. I also was way better at sporadic road trips within the US. Marriage definitely has changed that, sadly. We rarely travel. And since having kids, I haven't so much as gone to Canada. Also, on the subject of traveling - I have decided European countries agree completely with my constitution, Asian and South American countries, definitely not.

4. Cleaning out the car is at the very bottom of my "strongly disliked chores." There are mediocre chores in my life, and then there are the "definitely not my favorites," and then there is car cleaning. Not the outside, the inside. I'm pretty sure in the past 4.5 years I've been married I have never cleaned out the car that I now primarily drive. Granted, I did clean my old car several times (maybe two, actually), but our now only car has never been cleaned by me. Most things, when I see they are disgustingly dirty, I feel the need to scrub them in the near future. The car does not fit into the category at all. I'll see the grossness, and then purposefully decide I can turn a blind eye to the grime. It's pretty gross. Maybe this spring we'll get to it... until then, I'm pretty sure I just gave you all a reason never to accept a ride in my vehicle again.

5. Not a pink girl. I really am not. Most pink things have no place in my home. Every once in awhile I'll find a salmon or dusty rose and occasionally a pastel pink item that will compliment something we already own, but that is rarely the case. In having boys thus far, I haven't had to think much on how I'd avoid the whole pink, frilly wear that most children's clothing lines offer in the way of little girl wear. But, I'm pretty sure when that does happen, I'll be that mom clearing out all the other colored dresses at consignment sales.

And there we go, 5 totally random things you may or may not have known about me. I cannot think of 5 people that I know haven't been tagged yet, so there are less than 5, but anyhow, I tag: Katherine + Ruthanne (Sorry if you've already been tagged; feel free to ignore in that case).

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  1. I got tagged! :o) I'm famous!! :0)

  2. Oh, and I totally am with you on the car-not-cleaning thing.


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