Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes :: 3rd Attempt

Life is slowly returning to the way it was pre-flu. Meaning I once again can prepare dinner, mostly carry out a simple day of homeschooling, catch up with some randomness, write on here, and the like. It also means my bathrooms is still begging to be cleaned as is my stovetop... I always find I wait til the last to do the chores I like the least. Anyone else find themselves in the same boat?

30 minutes or less is my goal for today's quick takes. It's morningtime here, and amazingly there is still silence coming from the boy's room. Dom has been pushing his wake up time later in the mornings, which on one hand is great, but his nighttime pottytraining has been going backwards as a result of the extra time in bed.


My sons get the biggest kick out of being allowed to play in flour. No, not homemade playdough. Straight up flour. I sprinkle 1/4 cup or so in some shallow pyrex dishes, and tada, I have made the most lazy mom's sensory bin ever. We do make other sensory stuff, too, but for the last minute "mom-really-needs-15-minutes-in-a-row" times, this works splendidly. Plus my kitchen gets a good vacuuming at the end. 

Proof that little man is just as excited as his bro... though his brother was not so excited when little man decided to get *in* to the dishes.

Very excited to be going on a date to finally get out and see 'Les Miserables' in theaters this weekend. I actually thought it might be too late, but there's one more theater in the area still playing it. This will be the 2nd movie I've seen in theaters since Dom was born. Yup, that's how often we get out. I have read the book and listened to the play countless times, so nothing in the story will be new, but I am still intrigued to see this visual interpretation. 

I think Dom is thinking that if he continues to wear sunglasses daily, he might entice spring to come faster. Despite the snowy, overcast weather we've now had for 2 weeks, he's insisted upon sunglasses and rainboots as part of his ensemble. 


And lastly, visual proof for why I'm wrapping this up now (at 29 minutes in...): because this lil one has decided it's time to get up and cuddle. And who could resist all those lovely brown curls?

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