Sunday, March 3, 2013

Weekly Capture XLI

What a week. We mostly recovered from last week's sick bout by Tuesday though we layed low all week. I got severely confused by St. Alexander's feast day, and I felt like the worst mama ever since it's a name day for Dom. As you can see from the link, this website states the feast day isn't celebrated until later in March, but I had seen another date for his feast day as February 26th. I realized this around 4:30 in the afternoon on that day, so I decided to just tell the boys it was the next day. We've made a huge deal out of Blaise's name saints this year going all out for St. Blaise and St. Thomas Aquinas, so I really wanted to make sure I payed equal attention to St. Alexander. 

Needless to say, I couldn't find any ideas for how to celebrate St. Alexander's feast day, so I just let the little man decide on what he wanted for dinner and we made special blueberry muffins as a treat. And we read the story of St. Alexander from one of our Saint of the Day books (another source with yet another date for the actual feast day). Dom was thrilled though, and that is mostly what matters. He got to celebrate someone for whom he was named and learn a little about who the great saint he was named after is.

Out of the mouth of Dom
"Well, girl, I need these to see." He told me this after I told him he didn't need to take sunglasses out with us at night.

"I'm sitting with you, so you feel better." Last week when I was practically dying.

"Thank you, mama, for washing my Woody underpants. I'm so proud of you."

Mr. B Man Updates
Not walking yet. One day. I'm in a partial position vying for each. I want him to walk when we are out places because then I don't have to lug him around, but at home, I'm perfectly ok with him crawling still. He's become a little bit of a little royal prince at meal times. He'll take his spoon and point at whatever his heart desires as if it's a sceptre. He's got signing 'please' down to an art. I've been trying to get him to recognize all his body parts... it's been a funny adventure. I'll ask him where his nose is, and he'll grab mine and laugh. I'm pretty sure he knows it is not his, but he still thinks it way more entertaining to grab my face rather than his own.

Listening to

An oldie, but I'm a bit behind the times. I have to rely on my lovely sister to share these beauties with me. Hilarious.

Finally made it out to the theater to see Les Misérables. I enjoyed it, but it mostly met my expectations. Back story: I read the LONG version of the book back in high school and have been listening to the Broadway original cast for years. So my expectations were pretty dern high. I knew I'd be disappointed by several of the performances, and I was. I was pleasantly surprised by the actors who I hadn't seen previously. I was confused by the cinematographer's shot choice the majority of the time, but the scenic art, costumes, make-up, etc. made up for that mostly.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the focus on the overwhelming mercy shown throughout the story. Although it is definitely prominent in the book, I wasn't sure what to expect in a modern day piece of mainstream entertainment.  Overall, it was definitely entertaining and enjoyable. I'd watch it again.

Hope your week was great, and you + your family are staying well!


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