Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Capture XLIV

My computer has decided to become a frustrating mess, so I have hijacked LegenDaddy's for the time being. It pretty much hates me, my computer, that is, as it refuses to stay online, and ever time I attempt to start my browser, it locks up. Oh, and it won't play Spotify anymore either, so we've been without music all week. Anyhow, while I have another to work off, I will quickly give you an update on what our week has looked like.

The snow, once again, has kept us indoors this past week. And the boys have had nasty noses. Mostly B. We celebrated St. Joseph's Feast Day Tuesday, and then not much else exciting happened the rest of the week. We did have some time to work on crafts and focus on learning activities though so that made up for being trapped inside. Otherwise, it's been a sort of slow week.

As we continue to house search, I am realizing I should probably begin the purging and packing tasks. As unorganized as I can be with house stuff, I am thinking April is going to have to be one of those months where I just focus and get as much done as possible. Evidence here that it has been on my mind. So, be forewarned that I might start to bore you with what is being cleaned out and cleaned up around here.

Holy Week begins today. This shows some ways we will be observing as a family, and here's a list of books we found to aid in keeping your focus during the week. I am excited for Dom to be old enough to participate throughout the week as we learn and focus on what is happening. It's crazy how much he remembers of last year - we attended all the Holy Week services, but his memory has focused where all his M+M filled eggs were hidden. So, yes, he'll still be getting his chocolate, but we are trying to refocus the why in the matter.

Anyhoo, here's a blip about our week...

Out of the Mouth of Dom

"Excuse me, mama. And I didn't burp, I just need you to move."

"What's a rutabega?"
Me: "It's a root vegetable."
"Oh... and a car?"
Me: "Um, do you mean a Studebaker?"

B Boy
He's still taking 6-10 steps though he has branched out and sometimes walks to non-breathing destinations (tables, chairs, play kitchen, + the like). Still no more teeth. Not many words added to the vocabulary this week, but he has gained much confidence in his animal noises, and daily I find him "woofing" at the dogs that walk by our house as he stands on his tiptoes to see out the window.


I'm still working through several books mentioned a few weeks back. So now reviews from me at this point. Dom has been loving Skippyjon Jones and the Big Bones - it's at least an every other day read in our house these days. It's been perfect to pair with his 'D' week for dinosaurs, but it's also one he enjoys overall. He's even started calling B, "Poquito Tito, the smallest of the small ones."

Have a blessed Holy Week! I most likely will hold off on a Weekly Capture next weekend since I don't intend to be working or on here at all, but be blessed, and I will catch up soon.


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