Monday, March 4, 2013

When Mama Gets Sick : Running the Home from the Couch

Being sick and laid up in bed is horrible. Being the mama and being sick and laid up in bed is truly the worst. This past week my whole family got sick, but I managed to get the sickest of everybody. And still our home required some care and keeping.

Although I hope you never get sick and still have to take care of your family and home, we all know that's highly unlikely. So, if you ever do find yourself in this position, here are some ways I've found to be helpful in keeping the house afloat while still resting and taking care of your sick self. And of course if mama is sick, something says that the bairns must be full of energy and rearing to go.

My husband was able to take sick time and come home to run the home for the days when I was at my worst, but on the other days I had to keep the house mostly running while still resting myself. Both boys were sick, too, but they definitely did not get the flu anywhere near as bad as I did.

First thing I suggest is, centralize yourself. Find a comfy place where you can rest and put your feet up but where you still are in the center of what is going on. For me, this was our couch. I could see most of our main living area, but still lay my head down to rest. As I have very little ones, this prevented disasters, and from my perch, I was able to interact with them still.

Next, make use of convenient options. For me, this meant instead of elaborate snacks, the boys got cheesesticks for all their snacks for days on end. They will be fine on the other end, and it was so much less effort on my part. I also made sure to dress Dom in clothes he could remove himself and that I didn't have to help him with each time he had to go to the bathroom. Eat leftovers for lunch rather than making extra mess.

As hard as it may be, refrain from doing housework and other tiring tasks. Although I'm not one who loves chores, I do like my house to be picked up. I don't like having dirty dishes everywhere, piles of laundry in every corner, and toys to trip over right and left. Remember these things will still be waiting for you in a few days, and seize moments to rest instead.

Last, don't feel bad if you have to turn to the TV/DVDs for entertainment. I typically hate having the TV "babysit" my kids and avoid screen time as much as possible. But, when I'm sick, if it means all stays quiet and still, then by all means, use those VeggieTales and Go Diego Go films. I suggest using your time as wisely as you can - for instance, when my 1 year old was napping, I let the 3 year old pick a 45 minute nap, and I laid on the couch next to him and slept. It was worth it. I made sure he knew it was a treat that he was watching that much TV, so we didn't deal with it once life returned to a well state.

These tips work for whenever you are feeling down - when morning sickness strikes, during the energy zapping end of pregnancy, when a common cold has finally caught up with you, or when a flu or other disease has knocked you flat on your back.

Rest, mama, rest. Take care of yourself. Don't neglect your home and children, but remember that so many things will still be there when you are back to feeling like yourself. Take care of you, and hopefully you will recover faster.

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