Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Wrap Up :: March

Here we are at the beginning of another month. Spring is slowly peeking it's head here in the northern parts of NY. I've spotted a few crocuses, and the warmer weather this past week melted much of our leftover snow and allowed for some outside play. The boys are thrilled with that prospect, and we already had to go find one of our outdoor balls for some kicking/chasing time.

Although the blog has not had many of the design/layout updates I had hoped for (mostly due to a few bouts of illness and my computer being almost impossible to do anything on), March was a month for a steady stream of posts with some highlights in observing important highlights of our Christian year. Two breaks in our Lenten observances were to celebrate the feast days of St. Patrick, and then two days later, St. Joseph. We fully jumped into Holy Week and Easter celebrations with several new traditions. Overall, it's been an exciting month.

I also started joining in on 5 Favorites weekly posts hosted by Hallie over at Moxie Wife. And I mostly made it through my goals for finishing these 25 ways to Love on Your Husband. How'd you do ladies who joined in my challenge? I'll be completing the ones I didn't finish over the next few weeks, so if you didn't get as far as you'd hoped, join me in focusing on blessing your husband where and when you can.

What's Been Popular

Simple Easter Basket Fillers for Little Ones featuring a variety of ideas for basket fillers that are quality and simple supporting handmade and local vendors as much as possible.

A Collection of Meatless Meals for Lent once again made the top hits with a listing of our favorite meatless meals that we enjoy year round, but especially during fasting periods such as Lent.

 Visual Peeks of Us

Enjoying a cookie + some warm weather.

Sand playtime at a local children's museum.

Sleepy baby boy after he randomly got sick 
for about 30 minutes this past week.

From Our Bookshelf

This past month I shared a bunch of our favorite Easter picture books. Then after that post was complete and published, I discovered yet another favorite adaptation of the Easter story. 

This book, Easter, by Jan Pienkowski, features gorgeous silhouette art and follows through most of the events of Holy Week through when the resurrected Christ appeared to his disciples. The text in this book is definitely long, especially for really little ones. Because it covers so much, we decided to read parts of the book throughout Holy Week only a few pages at a time. The text is drawn from the four gospel books and as I said before, includes some of the most beautiful art I've seen in an Easter book. My favorite illustration is the scene at the foot of the cross where the apostle St. John the Beloved is standing with his arms open to welcome the Blessed Mother. It's another I hope to one day have on our shelves.

A favorite on the boy's list right now is If All the Animals Came Inside by Eric Pinder + illustrated by Marc Brown. A fun rhyming scheme has made it easy for Dom to memorize parts of the story enabling him to "read" it to us. This book tells of a hilarious "What If" type tale about the disasters that might ensue if the animals came inside. From octopus in the tub to chipmunks painting on the walls, the creativity behind each scenario is entertaining to say the least. Paired with fun, collage style art makes it quite the fun read.

 That wraps up *our* March. How was yours? Anything exciting or fun happen for you? Happy April and days of springtime!


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