Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekly Capture XLVIII

Oh my! What a week. I ended up giving Dom a week off school even though we haven't quite wrapped up our 'E' week. My life was mostly overrun with an attempt to figure out the problems with my computer (done + hopefully will be fixed soon!) and Weepeats. Weepeats, for those who've never heard my spiels on it (for those who have, I'm sorry) is a HUGE consignment event in this area. It's pretty much my one spot to go to for getting the boy's clothes. Sadly, as the boys age, there are less and less clothes in their size. I also have picked up many of our toys and educational resources there. It's pretty freakin' awesome.

But, since shopping there isn't enough for me, I also consign bi-annually at the event. Roughly that translates to me spending this whole past week finding, cleaning, tagging, and otherwise prepping clothes, toys, and such forth that needing purging from our supply. Here's to hoping I make lots of money to cover the cost of my shopping expenses yesterday. =)

We celebrated St. George's Day this week with a Feast of Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, and some scones with red crosses decorating them for dessert. It was fun to celebrate a Saint that is especially loved by my boys.

Otherwise, we have taken advantage of the lovely weather several times this week. Last weekend our family went out to a local farm that was having a Sheep Shearing Fest. Although we saw no sheep sheared, we did pet a baby lamb and learn about the processes of wool from shearing pile to a blanket complete with demos. LegenDaddy was way more enthralled than the wee ones. We've also hit up the playgrounds several days this week. The sun has been such a welcome treat.

Out of the Mouth of Dom

"Blaise, may I have one, too? ... I'm a rather good guy."

"I need words to live."  My son, the philosopher, after being asked to quiet down.

"Did it dew?" Turning nouns into verbs. How very hipster of you.

B's Doings

Still not a very confident walker, but he is using any energy saved to put towards making strides in his climbing ability. Everything is a climbing challenge these days. His nodding yes has gotten very pronounced when he wants something. It's lovely to finally have him always answer yes or no to questions of that nature. It makes simple communication a regular occurrence.

I've *finally* caught up on Call the Midwife: Season Two. For those interested, it's available to watch online at PBS. I thoroughly have enjoyed this Season (and Season 1 was great as well). I love the situations that arise in each episode and the variety of cases the midwives come up against. At some point, I am going to attempt to find a copy of the memoirs that the show is based upon to read. I highly recommend the show though if you're looking for something to watch.

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