Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 9}

Annnnd, here are some items on my Mother's Day gift wish list, you know, if I was actually going to make one. Typically anything is a surprise, and I'll be more than happy if B decides he wants to give his Mama 7 hours of sleep in a row.

Pretty sure my kitchen could use an update in spoon rests, and this Venezia Spoon Rest from Anthro is delightful. Perhaps it's a small thing, but it's a small thing that I see and use very often.

The price for this Erma Silk Tiered Maxi Skirt is a bit extreme, but it is a lovely piece. Though silk and mama (especially one of boys) don't often mix well...

And for comfortable yet classy afternoon, these Gauze pants from Everything but Water are pretty shweet. Practical? Again, maybe not.


Perfect time of year for a new pair of sunglasses - this one from Free People.

Sleep, did I mention how much I'd appreciate sleep? Between one of the dudes wanting to spend time with me at night, one waking me up throughout the night, and one expecting breakfast each morning, I would love some sleep for Mother's Day. Oh, and every day thereafter would be terrific. But I guess I could just settle for Mom's Day.

How about you? Anything special you want for Mother's Day this coming weekend?

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  1. Last year I was pregnant and all I wanted was a nap and a pedicure, so my husband took the kids to the park for hours and I slept the whole time :P And I STILL haven't gotten my pedicure! This year, by golly, I'm getting that pedicure!

    1. Hooray for fantastic husbands, and may you get that pedicure this year. =)


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