Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Capture L

This is the 50th Weekly Capture I've done! My goodness, this blog has come so far since the 1st one. Thanks lovely readers for making all this writing worth it. You know, so I don't feel I'm writing to a wall. You da best.

A 2 week update is due at this point. It's been so crazy around here as LegenDaddy finishes up his last Master's class ever. The boys have been in rare (and not so grand) form this week missing him and whining has been at a high. Our schooling is at a lull, but we have managed to mostly complete the letter 'F' from Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven. The weather has gone up and down from us shivering and back in sweaters (since I already packed up winter coats) to having water fights in the backyard.

Last weekend we got a pleasant break in the mundane with a visit from my dad and one of my brothers for a few hours on Saturday - the boys were thrilled as we kept the whole thing a complete surprise up until "running into" Grandpa at the the park. For me this year, my Mother's Day was a classy affair. LegenDaddy made me breakfast (not in bed since the whole crumb aspect isn't all that delightful to me), and then in the afternoon/evening, I attended not one, but two, plays.

Woke up to dinos on the toilet on Mother's Day

The first was a local professional theatre's production of A Midsummer's Night's Dream, which I won tickets to. My friend, Julie, joined me for that. The costumes and scenery were astounding (see photos here), and overall was such a fun show. It probably helped that I love Shakespeare and know the story of that play rather well.

The Broadway tour of Les Miserables was in our area last weekend. Sooo, as a very special treat, LegenDaddy took me out to see it. So fun getting dressed up fancy and seeing Les Mis (which I have wanted to see for years). It was thoroughly enjoyed by the both of us.

Here's a peek at what it looked like (though we saw a different Eponine...).

In other news, we're still on a house hunt, the local parks have beckoned us, and we have enjoyed some more summery treats. I have remembered my reasoning for owning so many pairs of shorts and short sleeved Ts as we are going through several a day on each boy. Every day this happens, I remind myself that this means it was a successfully fun (and dirty!) day.

This coming Sunday, we'll be celebrating the Feast of Pentecost. I had high hopes to document out a more detailed plan for what we want to do, but with the craziness of the week, that got waylaid. Instead, here are a few fabulous write-ups by other bloggers out there for you to check out:
Pentecost Activities for Children by Mom on the Go in Holy Toledo
Ideas for Pentecost by Sweetness + Light
Holy Spirit Craft - Make a Dove from a Paper Plate by Catholic Icing

From the Mouth of Dom

"Uh, my sock got wet, so let's change it. We can get a mismatched new sock though... that's ok."

After I told him I needed a shower due to my hair being stinky,
Dom replied, "Does it (my hair) say 'Hey! I need a shower!' ?"

B Updates

Climbing, running, exploring. I think that sums it up. And along with all this adventuring, there have been the usual accompanying injuries. Scrapes and the like. Finally, another tooth is showing right beneath the gum surface. Let's just hope it comes through soon. Added words: Shoe and Wet. Not helpful at all, but still pretty cute.


No books to report on the Mama front, BUT I have two fabulous finds for the wee ones:

I Like Old Clothes by Mary Ann Hoberman + illustrated by Patrice Barton

A beautifully illustrated book that is fun to read and fun to look at encourages the re-using of old clothes. It praises hand-me-downs and secondhand garments for their history and mystery. This is the perfect to story to help teach young children about the beauty of recycling and giving items a second life rather than throwing them to waste. Loved it!

The Flower Ball by Sigrid Laube + illustrated by Silke Leffler
Another book filled with absolutely gorgeous art. This book praises looking past our differences and finding that we can still enjoy one another and have a lovely time. A Cauliflower and Carrot visit the Flower Ball for the first time, bridging the gap between vegetable and flower. The other vegetables refuse to join, claiming the flowers are snooty and stuck-up. The flowers immediately judge the brave pair citing them for their "soup-wallowing," but after a bit, they realize their mistake made in haste and recant allowing them to make to wonderful new friends.

Stuck in My Head

I've had "Happy, happy Lily Day" stuck in my head all freakin' day.

Links You Should Check Out

8 Reasons Molly Weasley is a Great Literary Mama  :: Carrots for Michaelmas Technically in honor of Mother's Day, I think this post is perfect for *every* day. LOVE Molly.

"NFP Doesn't Work. You have so many kids!" :: House Unseen, Life Unscripted An older post that I forgot to share (I think, and if not, enjoy again!)


Finally gave these boyOs some haircuts (more like hair-chops at this point)

Hope your Mid-May is as wonderful as ours has been!


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  1. Glad to get to share some of the May moments with you!

  2. I love your catch-up updates for their variety and toddler quotes :0). And hurrah for Dads & uncles visiting & 2 plays on Mother's Day!


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