Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Capture LI

A week of many ups and downs. I feel like I write that nearly every week, but it is true. Life is a trying combination of highs and lows. The highs have included simple moments like bubble blowing with my boyOs to the solo adventures of moi. Now that LegenDaddy is done with his class, I've had a few opportunities to break forth from this house and stretch my legs without the clinging kids.

The lows have mostly been with attitude issues and tantrums at an all time high (doing it double time is so not fun). With B walking and having opinions about everything, Dom is realizing he doesn't have the only say (as far as the kiddo vote) in when, what, and how things are done. It's been very trying for him and consequently, on everybody else as he works through new ways he has to share and learn patience.

The weather has been a combination of nasty humidity and heat, lovely breezy times, and severe thunderstorms. I got caught in one of the latter whilst running errands and came home feeling (and I'm sure, looking) like a drowned rabbit. I almost debated having LegenDaddy install our window ACs but held myself back as it's only May. A few nights as I tossed and turned and couldn't fall asleep because it was still over 80 degrees in the house, I mentally tossed around throwing the time of year to the wind and have them brought down anyhow.

The next week promises many great and wonderful times of which I will update you of once they've happened next week. I'll aim for many memory capturing photos as well. Did you catch our Bucket List for this summer? I finally made up the list, and we cannot wait to get started checking off the activities!

Pentecost was last Sunday, and although I had hoped to make muffins topped with cream cheese and strawberry "flames," that did not happen. We did tell Dom about the importance of the day, but no crafts or foods accompanied it this year. Coming up is Trinity Sunday (May 26), the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to St. Elizabeth (May 31), and the Feast of Corpus Christi (June 2). I'd love ideas for how to celebrate any of those Feasts. Please share what your family does or is planning to do!

And now on with a lil recap of my boys, some pictures, and media we've been loving. Enjoy!

From the mouth of Dom

"Joe-joe's are the best cookies." (His discovery of Trader Joe's take on Oreos this week)

and probably one of the best Dom quotes ever, and I think that's saying ALOT:

"I'll lose my teeth. Then, after I grow big, I'll grow my power teeth. That's how I get the power."

B Updates

We have entered tantrum stage. Ugh. As I said previously, it's really no fun with two. Not that just one is fun either, but the double screaming is ridiculous. B also attempts to lay down and cry when we're out in public and he's not getting his way. So not fun. On a nicer note, he LOVES the slides at the playground and is completely independent now. Absolutely no need of help for this guy. And, he's started attempting to sing along to whatever song we're listening to with "Lalala"s. The Bob the Builder theme song he does sing something like "Bob da Bubuh, lalalalala." Pretty gosh darn adorable even if it does happen to be that song.
The tooth written about in last week's chronicles has still not poked through, but at least it hasn't retreated either. He's now 16 months old and still has only 6 teeth actually through the gums. One day... one day. *Sigh*

On our Bookshelf

Our newest favorite book (well, Dom's) is The Marshmallow Incident by Judi Barrett + illustrated by Ron Barrett, the geniuses behind Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This funny tale tells of two towns: The Town of Left and the Town of Right, which are seperated down the middle with a yellow dotted line and kept apart by the Knights of the Ambidextrous Order. An accidental falling of a fellow over the yellow dotted line starts a Marshmallow attack on the two towns, ending with a truce that leaves the two towns wondering why the line was even there in the first place. Funny, creative, and a good story - all rolled into one. We highly recommend finding this one at your library or bookstore.

Confuddled At...
 This product.  No really?!? A "blowout blocker"? What an odd idea. I mean yes, I know blowouts equal extra laundry, but wouldn't you have to wash so called "blocker" as well? So confused.

Happy Memorial Day to each of you! Enjoy the holiday with your family!


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