Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five Favorites {Vol. 12} : Simple Smile Bringers

It's been an ever trying week here in the O household. We got home from a much needed week away, and then coming home shattered any peace we'd managed to have last week. It's been one thing after another, short tempers, loads of interrupted sleep, piles of suitcases unpacked, bed wetting (only in D's case), impatience galore, and so forth. So, this week you get my 5 Favorite things that help me smile amidst all the mess of a crazy week.


Coffee. More specifically in a special mug. I typically take my daily cuppa in a thermos style mug thing (you know what I mean, right?). But, for extra smiles today, I put it in one of my favorite mugs. I can then ignore that ridiculous pile forming behind my lovely cup. It's the small things, peoples, the small things.


Ridiculously cute faces + smiles from my littles bring on smiles from me. Often I find just stopping everything and having a tickle fest or a hugging contest or snuggling up to read a book or just playing their favorite game for 10 minutes is a quick remedy to a bad day. Find joy in their joy.

Bring out the tunes + dance moves. With the beautiful and amazing invention of Spotify, it's so possible to find a happy tune and start it blasting in a matter of minutes. Play what you love. Get the kids into it as well and dance around the kitchen. For a funnier experience, find one of those "how to" videos on YouTube for a popular dance you've always wanted to learn.



Escapes. Mini activities even as easy as a quick run around the block or going out on a porch to enjoy the breeze are a great break from a stressful situation. Exercise has been known to aid in combating depression, so even in small doses, action helps relieve your mind. Get out and move! Enjoy the weather or in some cases at this time of year, the pool or AC.

Pray. An obvious choice. As a busy mama, my days don't often allow for 30+ minutes of silence, but I've found that while washing dishes or sorting/folding laundry, I can squeeze in several prayers. I often find the repetitive chores lend the best to focused prayers. Lean on our Savior or the Blessed Mother in times of trouble.

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  1. I'm listening to Spotify at work right now! Good music makes it nearly impossible to be in a bad mood! Love dance parties with my girls!

    Hang in there!

    1. It's so true! Music is just the best. Hoorah for good moods!

  2. Love love love every single one of these. You're the cutest. xoxox

    1. Thanks muchly! Love your link-up. =)


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