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Monthly Wrap Up :: June

While May went by fast, June has had so much packed into it, I can't believe it's only been one month. The first part of the month we were down enjoying our extended family, and then we managed to stay home all month with no traveling save one day trip to Buffalo. July is looking like it will be very different, so I'm glad we took the time to get things in order this past month.

Our biggest change/news was definitely finding a house to rent - a definite upgrade from our present renting situation. I have realized that since I was a military brat growing up, our present apartment is where I have lived the longest in my entire life. This month marked 4 years here. The move will be good for us all though, even though Dom is skeptical of this whole getting a new house thing. Our new house has a backyard that is perfect for playing in, a linen closet (we haven't had one the entire time we've been married!), square closets in all the bedrooms (you can laugh if you want - our present situation has a triangle closet in one of the bedrooms), and a garage for all those extra tools and bikes. We will get our keys in a month, so the next few weeks will mean lots of packing and purging!

Schooling has been slow this past month, but we did manage to wrap up the letter 'F' in Twenty-Six Letters to Heaven and mostly finish 'G.' For those interested, we have thoroughly loved the 26 Letters to Heaven curriculum, and right now it is on sale on Amazon for $7 off the usual price of $29.99! It's been such a great set-up for our family, and I love that it is totally at your own pace, so if we feel like doing all the art crafts first, we do! The book lists included for each letter are a great start, and we typically can find most of them at the library. Each letter also includes a suggested Bible verse, virtue, and a Saint to learn about, which has been a wonderful way to already implement faith learning into our daily homeschool lessons - something I plan to keep a part of our daily life throughout all our schooling adventures. All in all, it's a wonderful program and I highly recommend it!

This month, as I've said in a few of my recent posts, has been seriously lacking as far as celebrating Feast days. We did go all out for the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul! LegenDaddy made us some delicious Spicy Fish (recipe from Kitchen Stewardship) and Avocado Gazpacho (recipe from Catholic Cuisine), and then I made a raspberry tart with the fresh berries we had picked earlier in the day. It was a wonderful time with our little family, and I'm excited to jump back in to celebrating our Church's feasts.

Popular Posts in June

By very far (as in it quickly became the 2nd most viewed post ever!), My Summer Reading List topped the popularity charts after it spread all over Pinterest. I'm still plugging my way through these books, but hopefully I will get to use some of our vacation time as curl up and read time.

The 2nd most viewed post was Building a Preschool Arts Bin for Your Home. This was a fun one to write and share as this is one of my favorite parts of our learning fun!  

Images Not to Be Missed

From Our Bookshelf

Richard Scarry's ABC Word Book has been the top read book in this abode this week. I remembered Richard Scarry's lovable characters and ever detailed illustrations from when I was a child and have suggested to Dom several times over the past year that we check one of his books out from the library. He *finally* agreed this past week, and my, oh my, does he love this book! This is the perfect pre-reading book because not only does it point out what words begin with the Letter A, B, and so on, but it also shows where those letters appear in the middle of other words. Also included, are the combined letter sounds: Ch, Sh, and Th. I don't know about your kiddos, but those completely confuse Dom. When I try to explain that C starts the word "Church," I usually get a blank stare, so this is helping by having a whole page dedicated to that sound.
Featuring the lovable creatures from the many years of Richard Scarry books and waaaay more accidents than I ever remember happening in his tales, this is a great one to look into. We're loving it, and I have a feeling I'll be renewing our library copy several times before Dom lets me return it.

I hope each of you has had a most lovely beginning of Summer. Enjoy this next month, and check in from time to time if you think of it! Happy July!


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  1. Ooo, thanks for the heads up on the 26 Letters curriculum, I've long wanted to get that one! Also, I missed your summer reading list, must check that out now.

    1. Yup, it's a great one. Not official yet, but I think that might be the content of my first giveaway - I'll be posting more on that in the next few weeks!


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