Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Capture LIII

Wow! What a week. We've managed to pack in several check-offs on ye ol' Summer Bucket List, looked at several rental possibilities, gotten a cold (yup, in June!?! What the heck!), started re-organizing and going through our belongings prepping in case we do end up moving this summer, and some. The weather has been up and down, but thankfully has been pleasant all around as far as temperatures. However, we took the sunny days and used them to the fullest, which included a few zoo trips, park visits, and so forth. The berries in the area should be ready for picking within the next few weeks, which we are all very excited about! Summer has finally really set in.

St. Anthony of Padua's feast day was yesterday (June 13) - did you do anything special to celebrate? The stuffy noses had us down for the day, so it slipped by unnoticed in our house this year. Coming up next week is the feast day of St. Thomas More (June 22) and the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (June 24). I'm looking up ideas for ways to celebrate and maybe I will share more over the next week. I'd love to hear of any traditions your family has for either of these days!

From the Mouth of Dom

"You're a scary girl, Daddy."

"Mom, you are a super sock putter on."

The Lil Man (formerly known as B)

I can feel 3 teeth begging to break through the gum surface, but no luck as of yet. For naptimes though on a HOORAH note, he has been putting himself to sleep. I put him in his crib when Dom goes down for quiet time. The two of them then chatter for about 30 minutes, and then silence. We've chosen not to do the Cry It Out Method with our kiddos, so this is a major turning point for B to be doing this himself.
I rearranged our game collection this week, and for some reason, Blaise is now constantly bringing me games and holding them out to me. If I ask him if he wants to play, he says "Yesh." Then he sits and waits for me to set it up. His favorite these days is called Yamslam - I like to think of it as a precursor to gambling games. Dice + chips. He's in love.


After typing up my reading list for this summer this past Monday, I took advantage of some of the slower (i.e. rainy and sick) days around here to start plunging in.

First up I started and finished Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. It was a short and easy read, but as it was one of those children's books I never read as a child, I had added it to the summer list. A tale of a foxy fox and his family as they outsmart three mean farmers by proving to be wittier and craftier. The farmers attempt to band together to thward Mr. Fox's thieving ways. But Mr. Fox just put his brain to work and came up with a brilliant plan that completely stumped them.
I think this will be one I add to our "read-aloud" list for the coming years. Obviously, the subject of thieving being a moral no-no will need to be understood, but I do love Mrs. Fox's constant admiration for her husband, the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I picked up The Curious Garden written by Peter Brown this past week as a part of our focus on the Letter G in our homeschooling adventures. The cover art caught my attention, and with gardens being something that's been in our conversation lately as we talk about spring/summer, growth, farms, our food, etc, it seemed perfect. It turned out to be a lovely find of a small boy who discovers a tiny green shrub in the midst of the drab, gray city he dwells in. He takes it to task to water and care for this miniature garden, and as he learns how to properly tend to it, the garden grows and expands. By the end of the story, a beautiful community urban garden has come out of a tiny little plant. I definitely recommend this one!

Checked Off Our Summer Bucket List

√ Visit the Buffalo Zoo

√ Eat Watermelon (this one was seedless, so no seed spitting this time!)

√ Have a BBQ with Friends

Links I Thoroughly Enjoyed

Gwen's Birth Story Part I  :: Haley @ Carrots for Michaelmas The newest Carrots Baby has been born, and her birth story, like all birth stories, is amazing. Don't miss parts II & III as well!

Tantrums: Why Toddlers Freak Out About Everything  :: Melinda Wenner Moyer for Slate A humorous look out at the seemingly ridiculous tantrums thrown by wee ones - I know I have one of these nowadays.

Modest is Not Hottest  :: Marc Barnes for Patheos A thoughtful and upfront critique of our wanting to be modest, but that our approach in some ways is a mistake.

 This is What a HomeBirth Looks Like :: Erin Loechner A visually lovely view of what a Home Birth can look like. Don't worry - all the photos are very well composed and completely void of anything you might not want to see.

What's Your Animal Personality Type? :: Summer Anne Burton for Buzz Feed I tend more towards the wolf, with a little deer in the background. How bout you?

A very Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful Dads out there! Hope you have a lovely day celebrating with your family.

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