Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekly Capture LIV

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Yeepers! These Roman numerals are catching up with me. But, first, before I jump into a recap of our past week, let me share with you our exciting news as promised in this week's Five Favorites (nope, not a baby at present)... a new house! It's still a rental, but oh we are so excited to be moving locally to a residence where all the space is for our family, and we'll even have a yard. It's been hard having two active boys with a "barely" yard. Our moving time is set for the first two weeks of August, so if I slack off a little bit here on the blog, know that I'm not only focusing on enjoying summer, BUT also packing many a box and prepping for our moving days.

Also, check out my "Closet" blog as I get rid of extraneous clothing that I own. Great brands and low prices! Please share with friends as I need to clear out my extra stuff and it'll help cover our moving costs, too!

Other than looking at some dud houses and finding our perfect fit for our family, we've been keeping busy with playgrounds, duck feeding, libraries, exploring a new-to-us community garden with friends, and so much more. Summer is delightful this year with totally lovable warm days. I am not a Hot weather person AT ALL, so I love these 70 degree days that I think are completely bearable. I love that we're more than halfway through June and have only debated installing the window ACs twice.

Today is officially the first day of Summer, and the Summer solstice! The Church in the past paired St. John the Baptist's feast day with these celebrations that had been pagan previously in order to continue to celebrate the changing of the seasons with a Christian outlook. I have been painfully behind in planning our Feast Day celebrations, but I'm working on learning more (and hopefully taking the time to share with you as well!) about the feast days on the horizon of our calendar: St. Thomas More (June 22), St. John the Baptist (June 24), Sts. Peter + Paul (June 29), and First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church (June 30).

"Hey! It looks like a pirate!"

Out of the Mouth of Dom

"Mama, classy girls don't kiss in bars... Mama, are you a classy girl?"

"I'm a cowboy.
*Shwckjawok. Shwack.*
I knotted you. That's what cowboys do."

"I am not eating my peppers because I think my peppers are tomatoes."

B-ster Updates
Teeth taking their sweet time coming all the way in. Still not through the gums. We've been working with B on putting together simple sentences combining sign language and spoken word. He's been screeching at me waaaay too often to get what he wants, and thus it seemed a good plan to start walking him through what he actually wants to say. He has become Dom's little copycat in super sweet ways and some not so sweet ways. And his love for music and dancing is remaining strong. 

Checked off our Summer Bucket List

√ Eat Ice Cream on Canal

Links I've Thoroughly Enjoyed

The Simple Raw Beauty of Motherhood  :: Rachael Marie Martin @ Finding Joy

Pope Francis Reflects on a Mother's Demanding Role  :: For Your Marriage

You Can Do Something Just for You :: Simple Mom

I'm a Bad Mom and You Probably Are, Too :: This Ain't the Lyceum Sharing the Hidden Secrets of Parenting from a 1940s book.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars :: SFX For all you literary/SW geeks.

My Imaginary Well Dressed Toddler Daughter - a hilarious Pinterest board. Each pin tells a blippet about 'Quinoa' - a somewhat snobbish little girl who has opinions about everything. A fun time waster. 

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